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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after trying Preseed for the first time!

I hope this can help someone else who trails the sites on there two week wait like I did everyone month before I got my BFP.

It is funny I only joined this site a few days ago,although I did always look on it before FOR FIVE MONTHS, I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!

This is what I did different this month....

1. This was the first month I didn't use a ovulation kit, I just worked it out from the other months I used them, and crossed my fingers.

2. This was the first month we used PRESEED!!! (so it must have worked)

3. We had sex when we wanted it, as well as on ovulation dates and had fun and enjoyed the sex rather than thinking of making a baby. I had more orgasams this month because of this (sorry about the info but I do think it must have helped)

4. I had lots of egg white CM this month the last few months before I had nothing! (could be the preseed perhaps?) or may be I never really ovulated properly before?

5. I ate more fruit and veg this month, five bits every morning, and didn't drink diet coke which I did before a lot.

My symptoms.......

Soon after I must have ovulated I had a bad headache and very sore boobs (but I GET THIS WITH AF AND IT WAS MORE OR LESS THE SAME, IN THE SIDES OF BOOBS)

I had pains constantly until I got my BFP, like pricking pains and a burning sensation, in lower groin, the burning was a key as I don't get that with AF pains, and its rare for me to get pains like this that early on, I had restless sleep, I did feel tired. (but that's not hard for me!!!)

I had this feeling it might be the month.

Around roughly 10po I felt sick,and did a cheapie internet test, there was a very faint line on it, I then did a clear blue one and another faint line (it was so faint I had to hold it up to the window LIGHT!) I thought may be a evap line?

I left it a day, my pains still carried on a few sharp lots of burning, like something hot had been implanted inside me on each side of groin, I did also have pains like my AF was coming as well, so it was quite confusing.

Around 11dpo- postive PREGNANT on digital clear blue, still burning pains,the feeling of being very content.

Around 12dpo- positive on clear blue + test (a little faint though.)

Around 13dpo- still pains didn't do a test today but knew I was, all night I felt sick and couldn't sleep.

14dpo - AF due today- got clear+ on clear blue test, and another PREGNANT on clear blue digital.

I have no pains in boobs what so ever, all stopped and the burning pains have gone but still some sharp pains in lower pelvis.

I hope it sticks!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby dust to all and good luck!
And if you can use PREESEED!!!!!!!! DO!!! I only used it once and got BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!

I really hope this helps someone !!!!

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