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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after TTC #1 for 3 months

I have spent hours upon hours lurking here and found so much comfort in all these stories while TTC, and now I feel I should share my story.
Keep in mind I have no idea when I ovulated this last cycle, but my cycles are normally 28-29 days long.
A little background info:
-I'm 30 and my boyfriend is 31
-We used preseed externally only
-After BD'ing I always laid still for at least 10 minutes with hips elevated
-I have never tracked my temperature or used OPKs.
-I stopped the BC pill 6 months ago, and ever since, I have had very obvious ovulation pains, except for this last cycle! So I thought for sure I was out this month.
-We BD'ed every single day from CD 9-22....and that was EXHAUSTING! Also probably not necessary, but I was so afraid of missing my most fertile time since I wasn't totally sure when it would be.
CD 17- creamy/watery CM
CD 19- EW/watery cm, thought I felt the start of an ovulation twinge, but not much
CD 20- weird tight feeling in abdomen, occasionally uncomfortable
CD 22- sticky/creamy/watery CM
CD 23- creamy/watery CM
CD 24- tight/achy feeling in abdomen. Had a melt down and got upset over something stupid. Feeling frustrated that I don't know my own body
CD 25- tiniest drop of blood on toilet paper after BD'ing. Need to pee more but that could be in my head. Gassy. Mild aches on and off in abdomen.
CD 26- a little nauseous and light headed. Peeing more. Still aching in abdomen
CD 27- a little nauseous and dizzy
CD 28- sensitive/sore nipples, a few drops of blood on toilet paper after BD'ING. Fatigue and bloated
CD 29- BFN
CD 30- up before 5am needing to pee. CM was yellow in color (my first hint that something was different ) mild AF cramps, fatigue
CD 31- BFN. Occasional sharp pain in boobs. Wet yellow CM.
CD 32- I think BFN. If there was a shadow of a 2nd line, I convinced myself I imagined it. Tan colored CM, enough to wear a liner. I thought AF was on her way.
CD 33- BFP!!!!! Faint 2nd line but there is no questioning it.
I just want you guys to know you're not alone. 3 months felt like a year, but I realize how lucky I am that this happened so quickly. Each month I would track my symptoms and convince myself I was PG and then be crushed when I wasn't. I am now 5 weeks and 1 day. Keep your heads up ladies, don't give up!!! It WILL happen.


Congrats!!!! This made me feel so good!! We've been trying for going on 5 months now. I've tracked my ovulation for the last 3 months and this month I had 2 good ovulating days, which we did the BD the 2 days and 2 days after. I lay still for about 20 min after. I'm supposed to start on the 25th so yesterday wouldve been 5 days before missed period. I tested and of course it said BFN.  not gonna test again until I'm late. PRAYING  I don't start on the 25th! Trying not to get discouraged so soon into the journey 

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