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BFP after TTC 4yrs stage 3 endometriosis

Hi all! I'd love to share my story, because if you are reading this, you may be loosing hope. I lost hope completely. We were tapped out at $40,000.00 spent on procedures... and on the brink of divorce. I probably would have bankrupted us from IVF... but we really lucked out. Here is our story... We put ourselves on the Adoption list... but there was still years to wait on the wait list. .. so we fostered kids in the meantime... which made us better people. I truly believe life takes you on a crazy path that you can't change. But I wouldn't have changed my experiences for the world. Because of infertility, I would have never looked into fostering kids, and we were so blessed to have had them in our lives. In the beginning, I was put on chlomid for 3 months... which failed and gave me a cyst. I needed a laproscopy... 2 year wait list from my doc... and I couldn't get in anywhere... except the U.S.A where I had to pay $15,000 for the surgery. It ended up being more invasive because I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and they had a lot of cleaning up to do. Well, the window after the surgery was unsuccessful... even though she said it was our best chance. Oh... and one of my tubes were blocked too. So I went on to IVF. It failed. We couldn't afford to try again for a while, so about a year later... we tried our frozen embryo. IT TOOK!!!! Then I miscarried at like 3 weeks. So after all this devastation, both emotional and financial, we had to wait again... and man did we fight about it. So, for a year I did all the naturopath stuff, reflexology, hot yoga, eating clean, natural and chemical free home, hypnotherapy, vitamins, acupuncture, essential oils.... all of it. Costing hundreds of dollars. After discussing our situation again with our Doc, She suggested I try an IUI for fun... a last ditch effort to save us the money of IVF again... And it worked! BFP!!!!!! No miscarriage so far and I'm 6 weeks. I'm 29... with a failed IVF... and for some miracle... and IUI took! I don't wish infertility on anyone, it's unbearably painful and affects all areas of your life. I hope my story gives you hope if you are in a similar situation!!! BTW... it was worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratuations!! It sounds like it was a long and expensive journey but I'm so happy for you that you finally have your BFP! wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Congratulations!! I am so happy you finally have you BFP! You have been through so much and deserve this happiness! Wishing you a very healthy pregnancy!


Thank you sooo much for sharing your journey! Stories like yours are beyond encouraging! And funny thing, your road to a BFP reminds me of my Mom... She and my Dad tried for 4 years back in the mid-70's, to no avail. No identifiable reason for infertility after testing, but my Mom does have Lupus (diagnosed at the age of 15, had been in remission for years) so she was told her body simply knew it couldn't support the stress of a pregnancy. Miracle adoption story next... From start to the day they received him at their own front door in Feb. 1978 - the process took 6 weeks. Crazy right!? My parents had made peace with not being able to have their own biological children and were over the moon at my older brother's arrival. But then, when he was a mere 6 months old? She had morning sickness, thanks to... me! Finally, her own BFP! So over a course of just 15 months, they went from not knowing if they would ever have a family - to a household with a bouncing 15 month old and a new born! Like you said, those unplanned twists are often meant to be... :) So glad you got your much waited for BFP, and wishing you the best in the months ahead! P.S. If you don't mind sharing... Where (as in country or region) do you live where you were being told it would take 2 years for you to get your procedure? Sooo glad you got the care you needed much sooner!

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