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BFP After TTC For 1 Month With PCOS and Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with PCOS about one year ago. The OBGYN I saw at that time thrust a brochure about PCOS at me, told me if the symptoms were bothersome she could prescribe me birth control, that it would take a long time for me to become pregnant, and ushered me out the door. I was devastated because even though DH and I were not ready to TTC at the time, I did eventually want children and was no longer sure if that would or could become a reality. I also found out I have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism - so a double whammy for possible issues with fertility. I took things into my own hands, did some research, and began charting my BBT. I learned alot about my body over that year of charting. It did appear based on BBT that I was ovulating on my own almost every month although nearly every cycle I had 3-7 days of spotting prior to AF and tended to ovulate later (CD 17-21). I also noted large fluctuations in my luteal phase. I do also have other symptoms of PCOS although all bloodwork came back pretty normal. I began taking Vitex in January 2014. DH was unaware but we timed intercourse using the SMEP and used PreSeed even though I never did get a positive OPK (I have a very short LH surge). All other signs confirmed that I ovulated on February 2, 2014 (CD 15) and I got my BFP on Feb. 13. My symptoms by DPO: 1-5 DPO - Nothing out of the ordinary 6 DPO - Went to urgent care due to upper respiratory issues and was diagnosed with bronchitis. Honestly, thought I would be out due to sickness but got the MD to prescribe a safe antibiotic just in case. 7 DPO - Hot flashes but thought it was due to bronchitis infection 8 DPO - Really strange sensation in uterus; almost like it was closing up or squeezing just weird sensation I had never felt before- this made me pause but test with Wondfo IC was BFN 9 DPO - Tiny amount of tannish, stringy CM when wiping. I might have missed it if I wasn't looking for signs of pregnancy. Figured I was about to start spotting like always prior to AF but thought maybe IB 10 DPO - Nothing noticeable 11 DPO - Tested with FMU with Wondfo IC. Was 100% expecting a BFN and had to rub my eyes when I realized a second line had shown up. Dipped a FRER with same urine and also a clear BFP! Pinching and Cramping in uterus on/off all day and diarrhea. No appetite, boobs slightly sore, and can smell everything. 12 DPO - Valentine's Day. Wondfo IC and FRER still BFP!!! Pinching and Cramping in uterus on/off all day, hot flashes but also get cold easily, face flushed at times, woke up sweating. Again no appetite and slight soreness in boobs that comes and goes. Surprised DH with BFP FRER sticks! 13 DPO - All tests still BFP and slightly thicker/pinker lines. Still cramping on and off in uterus and hot/cold flashes. No real appetite. Boobs are not as tender today but I do occasionally feel this weird tingly sensation in them. Obviously after my experience with that OBGYN I am still in shock that I got my BFP so quickly. I just wanted to share my story to encourage others who may be in the same situation. Its still early so I am cautiously optimistic that everything will progress normally but it just shows that Doctors are not always right and God is the One in control!


Were you taking a thyroid hormone replacement pill like synthroid or anything?

Yes, I found an Endo who was willing to treat even though I was subclinical when diagnosed. I am on a low dose of levothyroxine which brought my TSH from a 3.5 to around 2.0. I go this week to get my levels checked now that I am pregnant.

Thanks! I am the opposite. I have no symptoms but my TSH is high (6.8) and have the antibodies. I have been ttc 2 months and tried the synthroid but it made me feel awful so I went off it. But I'm afraid I won't be able to get pregnant if I'm not on the medicine. I was just wondering how it did for you and how long you were on it before you started ttc.

I was on thyroid meds for about 1.5 years before TTC although the change in my levels showed up at my 6 month blood draw. I also have the antibodies and I actually was having some symptoms (fatigue, ridiculous weight gain - like 30 lbs in 3 months, spotting). I was the opposite though because about 2 weeks after being on medicine I felt soooo much better! I wonder if there is another medication you could try? I believe I would not have been able to conceive without being on thyroid meds. I hope you can find something that works for you without making you feel awful!

My story is similar so far, expect no PCOS or Thyroid problems. I have been using vitex since early January and preseed and SMEH. Hoping for a similar ending

Thank you Katherine. I am happy for you! Children are such blessings from the Lord :) I have found another medicine called Tirosint that has no additives and is a liquid gel so easier to absorb. My doctor just prescribed it to me so I'm starting it soon. I hope it will help like it helped you! Are you still taking it during pregnancy? Do they have to up the dosage once you're pregnant?

Help me plz

I had nausea type sickness with headache at cd29 for just an hour its cd40 and no periods or sickness trying from since last 5 years...took all medicines and 2 iui but nothing happened..from october 2013 I left all periods are regular from last 7 months, it ususlly comes between cd27 to getting scared of any pregnancy test...

Do you not want to be pregnant? Either way you should take a test. That's much longer past your regular cycle length.

Yes for sure I want to be pregnant...but from last 4 years my periods were not regular then I took medicines and had 2 iui last year but nothing happened..but my periods r regular from about nearly one year...actually I always had negative test in past years, thats y im getting scared but this nausea type sickness I felt first time at cd29 only... My age is 28....I want to know anyone here exoerience this type of sickness just once then nothing and got pregnant later? ???

If you are pregnant you would have already gotten pregnant during ovulation. I don't know about only being nauseous one day, but if you're 7 days past your latest period and haven't had one a pregnancy test would definitely be positive if you're pregnant.

How long did the spotting last?

this is my first month off birth control. cycle started 1/23 i believe i o'd around 2/20 as i had ovulation pains on my right side off and on that day with minor cramps. the next day i had dark brown discharge (sorry tmi) twice and then it disappeared, i also had sore bbs on the outer parts near my armpits which stayed for 3days. yesterday i had pink blood tinged cm making me think i was getting my period though it was not alot. when i went back a hour later there was nothing. my bbt was higher this morning at 78.8 since the day of possible ovulation it has been around 78.4. im not sure if i actually o'd the day of ovulation pain or if i o'd the day before. me and my husband had sex 2/15, 2/16 and on 2/20.

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