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BFP after two miscarriages this year (twins and a singleton)

I am sharing my story with you all, as this board helped me stay sane during my two week waits, and nothing in the world makes me crazier than a two week wait after a about scrutinize every little thing! I have two children, ages 8 and 4. I conceived identical twins in December and lost them in Feb. At 10 weeks. I conceived again in April and lost the baby at 8 weeks. I had D&C's with both losses. As the karyotype on the last baby came back completely normal, We saw a fertility specialist to rule out any cause that may be preventable. All testing returned normal, except for a MTHFR mutation, which my doctor does not believe is significant; however, I believe it could be significant as both of my daughter's have lip ties and one has a sacral dimple, both of which can be seen with the MTHFR mutation. While I cant prove its what happened in my case, it certainly doesn't hurt to take precautions. I switched my prenatal vitamins to Best Nest Wellness, which contain methylated folate, B6, and B12. I also started taking royal jelly for egg health, as well as baby aspirin, as it may help women with recurrent miscarriage conceive and carry to term. I used the CB Advanced digital ovulation test last month, which gave me two flashing smileys on cycle days 8 and 9, with a solid smiley on CD 10. I thought it was odd as I usually ovulate around CD 15 or 16, but what do I know, as its the first cycle after my last miscarriage? We BD according to the ovulation test; however, I never had EWCM until CD 14 and 15. We did BD more at that point, but I believe that we missed our window. I used the regular clear blue digital to conceive my last baby, and it truly was accurate, which I do not believe the clear blue advanced to be. This month, I decided to start using the CB digital advanced ovulation test initially, but would continue testing with CN digital ovulation test (not advanced) afterwards, as the advanced version locks until your next cycle after shoeing the solid smiley face. CD 1-6 AF, then spotted until CD 10. This is,my second cycle after my second miscarriage. CD 9 BD, CB Advanced negative CD 10 BD, CB Advanced negative, 97.1 CD 11 BD, CB Advanced positive solid smiley (slipped flashing smiley altogether), but no EWCM or other O symptoms, 97.0 CD 12 BD, CB digital (not advanced) negative, 97.0 CD 13 BD, CB digital negative, left sided cramps CD 14 BD, CB digital positive, EWCM, left sided cramps, 96.8 CD 15 BD CB digital negative, but line on test cartridge is darker than yesterday when it was positive, EWCM, L>R cramping, 97.0 CD 16/1 DPO BD bilateral cramps, no OPK as I ran out of strips and figured I had my bases covered by BD every day, 97.1 CD 17/2 DPO 97.3 CD 18/3 DPO BD, light cramps, 97.3 CD 19/4 DPO dull pain around cervix, light cramps. 97.6 CD 20/5 DPO dull pain around cervix, hungry upon waking, vivid dreams, palpitations (I have supraventricular tachycardia, whichbis usually controlled), 97.8 CD 21/6 DPO lightheaded, bilateral pinching cramps, hot flashes after drinking tea and eating salsa, dizzy upon standing, lower and feel like pulled muscles CD 22/7 DPO dizzy upon standing, hungry, slight ache under arms, breast tenderness, hot flashes, 97.6 CD 23/8 DPO dizzy upon standing, hungry, breast tenderness front and sides, feel wet, burninh pain beneath navel to right, 97.9 CD 24/9 DPO pinching groin pain when standing, breast tenderness, breast warmth and tingling when bending over, breast swelling, slight pinching cramps, which radiate to knees, 97.9. I think AF is coming early, that I must have a literal phase defect, and become really depressed for the rest of the day. I took a CB digital pregnancy test with weeks indicator to ensure that I was out and that AD was on her way. CD 25/ 10 DPO pinching, burning cramps radiating to knees, hungry, lightheaded, 98.1 CD 26/ 11 DPO slight pinching pain in groin when standing, hungry dizzy after bending over, white, thin, watery cm, temp 98.0. While I thought that I was out, i took another pregnancy test since my temp went triphasic and saw 1-2 weeks BFP!!!!! CD 27/ 12 DPO hot and hungry When I ovulated in this cycle is questionable, and when I implanted is questionable. Any cycle that ive conceived, we BD nearly every day for 2 weeks. It seems to do the trick for us. My advice is to not completely trust digital OPKs. I feel very differently about this pregnancy. With the twins, I never felt like anyone was there-no connection. With my last baby, I believed she was a girl (which she was), but not that id ever meet her. I believe with all my heart that our rainbow baby is officially in transit and there's no stopping us now. For anyone out there who is TTC after miscarriage, I found it most helpful to believe that biologically, something just didnt work out for whatever reason. Even with recurrent losses, the odds are in our favor. Good luck to you all!


I love reading rainbow stories! My DH and I lost our son at 20 weeks in April and I am having a really hard time getting through these tww. I can only imagine what I will be like once we conceive again, a terrible nervous wreck I am sure. Congratulations and happy and healthy 9 months to you :)

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