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BFP Almost a Year After Greatest Loss Imaginable

January of this year I lost my baby girl to Interrupted SIDS at 10.5 weeks, which basically means when my husband found her she was still alive and the paramedics interrupted the death process by reviving her after 45min of CPR, but she couldn't breathe on her own and would never come off life support, so my husband and I made the hardest decision a parent could make and said good-bye after 3days in the NICU. At first I would never want another baby, then I would be asking my husband for one. When he finally agreed that it would be the best for me healing wise to have another baby to fill my ache to be a mommy, my cycle wouldn't cooperate. It took 3 months after our loss for me to have a period as I was breastfeeding when we lost her. My cycles were strange, I had 3 in 2 months, then didn't have one for 3months, I blamed this on my anti-depressants that I had started after losing our baby. With doctors permission I got off the meds and took some provera to restart my cycle. After 6 weeks and no sign of af or a bfp I went back to the doctor. I had been taking my bbt and checking cm so I knew I ovulated but my period never came. After testing my LH and FSH they confirmed I had ovulated but still no period. I started charting my bbt again cuz the Dr. wanted to see the chart at my next appt in a month. He said at that point if I hadn't had a period we would get more aggressive and probably do clomid. I'm 21, so having fertility issues on top of losing a baby was putting me in a downward spiral, but I kept with my charting. I noticed another jump in temp 2 weeks later and hoped that I skipped a period and was ovulating again. We bd'd around that day and I hoped for a period so I knew there wasn't something wrong with me. 8dpo I noticed a temp dip that rose the next day and stayed high. 10dpo I start crying all the time, figured it was because all my friends were having babies. 11dpo Getting worse, abd cramping 12dpo abd cramping, still very upset, huge fight with hubby, tears all day, started thinking I was prego because this happened with my daughter too. 13dpo faint 2nd line, don't believe it so dip 2 more strips. All look the same. Call DH and tell him then text him a pic of the test. Cry for the first time in a year out of happiness! Prenatals! 14dpo take another test just in case, getting darker. 15dpo doctor confirm! follow up next week for another hcg levels test! Hoping for a sticky bean and a healthy baby to keep!!


Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry for your loss! My heart breaks for you with the loss of your daughter. You are so strong, and I hope your rainbow baby helps to heal your aching heart. God Bless and I wish you the happiest and healthiest 9 months.

Praying for a sticky bean for you too! Condolences for your loss in Jan. Hugs. Thanks for sharing your story.

I wish you all the best!

Congratulations. I'm so sorry for your tragic loss your story brought a tear to my eye. Enjoy your pregnancy and all the best x x x x

I am so sorry for your loss. I am a respiratory therapist and have seen this happen frequently. My heart goes out to you. I have such a hard time in the hospital when this happens I cry and cry with the families. I am so happy for you to become prego again. good luck!!

So happy for your good news after such a devastating loss. I can't imagine what you went through and am glad that you are able to be happy again with this new miracle. Not sure if you had one with your first baby or not, but I found the Angel Care monitor to be a God-send. It eased my mind and it did go off once when my son had buried his face in his blanky. Might be a good investment for your peace of mind.

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Keep your faith and know you are in our prayers

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