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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 10 DPO (with a hint at 9dpo) with few symptoms

EEEK! I don't really believe this is happening, but four brands of tests can't lie to you, right?! I had almost no definite symptoms- most were pretty typical of ever tww for me. 1-3 dpo: nothing 4 dpo: Possible implantation day. Temp dip, lots of typical (for me) luteal phase symptoms- slightly sore boobs, sore legs, gas, etc. Had a major hot flash that night- my face was burning up, and my temp spiked 3 degrees higher than that morning. 5 dpo: streak of blood in cm, temp went back to normal, dull ache in bbs, small amount of creamy cm when I'm usually dry 6-7 dpo: more of the previous listed symptoms, but nothing unusual for me, more creamy cm 8 dpo:started feeling crampy up high, around my stomach, like gas pains, felt like my belly button was being tugged inward, creamy cm 9 dpo: very very faint BFP on wondfo, creamy cm 10 dpo: BFP (faint) on Wonfo, Answer, Dollar store, and FRER Until I felt the tug on my belly button, I was convinced this month was a bust. That cramping was something I hadn't experienced before and was my first clue that something might be going on in there. Things we did differently this time: * BD'd like crazy. The two previous months, we BD'd 2-3 times in the fertile window and that was it, due to travel and other complications. This month, we pretty much BD'd two days on, two days off from AF to ovulation. It was loosely based on sperm meets egg. * I used OPKs for the first time this month. Turns out I ovulated almost a week after I thought I did. If you're on the fence, get some! I used the wondfo cheapies from amazon and they worked great for me. * Drank Herb-Lore Pre-conception tea from AF to Ovulation * I did buy some preseed, but we only used it once- 5 days before ovulation, so I don't know that it made a difference. * Stuck a pillow under my butt after BD for 30-60 minutes. I found there was less leakage if I laid on my side with the pillow under my hip * I have been taking a pre-natal vitamin for 4 months, but recently added a slow release iron (just in the last 6 days) And... I think that's it! Now to find a way to tell the hubby!



I forgot to add: I took 3 doses of mucinex over the two days I had positive OPKs and I had the most fantastic EWCM I have ever seen in my life!

Congratulations!!! I am 7dpo. Have lots of symptoms: sore breasts and I can see veins on them, back and neck aches, headaches, slight cramping. I did exactly what you did this cycle. Have been trying for 8months, and hoping for the same bfp on a few days! Waiting is SO hard!!

Thanks Bergie! And good luck anonymous! I looked at a lot of other peoples' charts on ff that had simlar BD patterns and symptoms as mine and a lot of them ended up pregnant, so I felt fairly confident for a lot of this TWW that we actually did it this time. That was mixed in there with majorly depressed days where I felt like I was so stupid for thinking this would work lol. Fx'd for you!

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