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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 10dpo

My husband and I were not TTC, but this past cycle I knew there was a chance we were pregnant. Once I knew there was a chance we could be pregnant I started looking up symptoms and how I might know before my missed period. My husband and I have been married for six months and this was the first month that I knew we could possibly be pregnant so this is the only time I've ever paid such close attention to my body. Also I have never had a regular period. Over the course of the past year my cycles have been anywhere from 29-41 days long with my average cycle being 32 days. Unprotected Sex 1 to 2 days before ovulation (that's my guess) 1dpo: BBT 98.13 - I'm guessing this is the first day past ovulation because my BBT rose a 1/2 degree from the day before. No other symptoms on this day. 2dpo: BBT 98.32 - No symptoms on this day 3dpo: BBT 97.65 - I was concerned about the temperature drop. I looked for information on it online and found out it was probably a fallback rise. I looked back at my temperatures from past months and found that this is normal for me. I never paid much attention to my temps in the past because we weren't TTC. Today I started having joint pain in my right shoulder and elbow. The pain would come and go throughout the day. 4dpo: BBT 97.99 - I woke up at 4:30 am after having dreams that I had to pee. I went to the bathroom right when I woke up and not much came out. For the next 3 hours I kept feeling like I had to pee but only a couple drips came out with a slight burning sensation, but not bad. I've never had a UTI before, but from what I've read it seemed something like that just a mild case. It only lasted 3 hours and then it never bothered me again. I still had the occasional joint pain in my right shoulder and elbow. 5dpo: BBT 98.20 - My joints in my shoulder and elbow no longer hurt. The only symptoms I had today was being very hungry and more moody than usual. 6dpo: BBT 98.20 - I was still more hungry than usual today. I ate a lot at dinner and then felt hungry again about a half hour later. I also had an itchy vagina later in the day. Not bad but definitely noticeable. I also had very light nausea at night. I was still a bit moody today - got frustrated easily. 7dpo: BBT 97.92 - I think I implanted today. At around 11:50 am I started feeling slight pain in my lower right back. The pain lasted for about a half hour and then turned into a sharp pain for about a minute. Then the pain was gone and my lower right back hasn't bothered me again. Also during this half hour the boy I nanny for asked me "Do you have a baby?" I have nannied for him for 6 months and he has never asked me that. Strange that he asked me that at the exact time I thought I was implanting. After the sharp back pain I had light cramping on my right side for a short period of time. At this point I was about 80% positive I was pregnant. 8dpo: BBT 98.13 - The only symptoms I had today was slight cramps on the right side and very very mild nausea at night. 9dpo: BBT 98.24 - Only symptom today was having slightly stronger cramps on my left side at the end of the day. I found this strange because I only felt things on my right side before today. 10dpo: BBT 98.08 - I started to feel a little more tired today, but I had been waking up earlier for the past week on my own (I guess waking up earlier could be a symptom also). I bought the cheap Equate Blue Dye pregnancy tests (2 pack). I took the first one this night and got a faint, but still easily seen, BFP. I wasn't sure if I could trust it because what other people have said about the blue dye tests. 11dpo: BBT 98.17 - Took the second blue dye pregnancy test right when I woke up at 5:30 am. BFP again, still faint but more clear than the night before. After work I picked up the First Response Gold Digital pregnancy test to confirm with a different pregnancy test. I took that one at 7:30 pm and got another BFP. 12dpo: BBT 98.31 - Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow I will tell my husband that we're pregnant! :) I got a onesie that says Daddy's Hunting Buddy with a duck on it that I'm going to wrap up and give my husband for Christmas. My husband is a duck/goose hunter. Under the onesie is the pregnancy tests in a ziplock bag. I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow! My only concern now is having a chemical pregnancy. I wasn't planning on testing until after I missed my period but decided to test early so it could be a Christmas present for my husband. My period is irregular, but based on when I think I ovulated I would have gotten my period on Christmas day or the day after. Looking back on old temperatures my luteal phase seemed to be 12-14 days. I'm going to keep monitoring my temperature until I'm 5 weeks pregnant or until my first dr. appointment (which I will have to schedule). Anyway, after reading up so many other people's dpo symptoms and BFPs I felt like sharing mine. I have never paid so close attention to my body so I was probably noticing more symptoms and so I don't know what of my symptoms was actually from getting pregnant. The only thing I ever noticed in the past was that before my period would start my boobs would get slightly bigger and more tender and I never had cramps until my period started. This month I had cramps (not as strong as when I have my period but still slightly uncomfortable) about a week before I should have gotten my period. I also want to note that my mother was very fertile. She had seven kids, no twins. She had her first three kids before her forth year of marriage. I hope this helps or encourages someone during their 2ww!

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