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BFP at 10DPO With Implantation Bleeding - My Rainbow Bean

Can't believe I actually get to post my story here. I have read every single story on this site and it gave me hope.
DP and I have been TTC no 1 after a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks early this January. I took it really badly as I felt that at 36 time was running out. After the miscarriage I ended up with a follicular cyst which meant we had to wait until March before we were allowed to start trying again. My cycles before the miscarriage were 28-31 days and that changed. They are now are more like 26-28 days . Also I started spotting from 7 days post ovulation and was driving myself mad with the idea I had a Luteal Phase defect and low progesterone and that nothing was going to be able to implant so early. In fact I went privately and did blood work myself ( AMH 1.69 , FSH of 8 , Estridol- cant remember, Progesterone after ovulation at 33 etc) without my doctor’s go ahead as I wanted peace of mind Progesterone was fine but the spotting still remained. All other tests seemed ok given my age.

Besides Prenatal vits and Omega 3, I used Vitex from February till May and then gave the Vitex up as I saw absolutely no difference in my cycle. I used Conceive plus lubricant in May and this June. Only thing I did differently this time was add cough syrup to thin my mucus. DP thought I was crazy but ha look who’s laughing now.

BD twice a day morning and evening (yes I know exhausting!):on CD6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and17.

Last Period from 1st to 4th June – CD1-4
June 14th CD14 - Positive OPK

June 15th CD15- Positive opk- painfully ovulation, balloon feeling from right ovary typically on the left). Think I ovulated today!

June 16th – 1DPO- Notice my nipples are very sore- they always hurt me but this time like someone had grated the nipples.

June 17th - 2DPO- Nipples still as sore and continue like this till BFP- notice one is more sensitive than the other and then they swap sides – odd!

June 22nd – DPO- 7-8
Normally I spot from around 7DPO till AF but notice that so far no blood- could this be? Don’t want to get my hopes up. Notice I have lots of zits. Think I am out for sure as last time I was pregnant, I had amazingly clear skin. Keep on feeling slight buzzing in my boobs – think I must be imagining this and dismiss the symptom.
I am so convinced I am out this month- peed on a stick on Sunday 23rd and of course it was BFN so I have 4 ciggies at the beach that day and a couple of beers to console myself. I had been abstaining since my BFP last October which ended in miscarriage at 12 weeks so this month I decided what the heck. I deserve this.

June 24th –9DPO
Woke up with a chin full of zits- normally I may get one before my period. Bit down as my last pregnancy I had really clear skin so take this as a negative sign. Looked at Fertility clinics in the UK today thinking if I don’t get a BFP by next September we will start looking at our options. Went to my usual spinning class – as we were cooling down I has a few minutes of bad cramping down low. Guessing this was the start of it all but at the time dismissed it as being nothing. Realized I have been constipated for 5 days – not like me at all. Was away for the weekend and only peed. Assumed I was uncomfortable going anywhere but home!

June 25th- 10DPO
Get up at 7 and go for my morning pee. As I wipe I find quite a large amount of light red/dark pink blood on my paper. I never spot so early in the morning. Now I start to hope it may be implantation bleeding as the time would be the same as the last time I was pregnant. I actually took a photo of it- gross I know but I remember when I looked up implantation bleeding there were hardly any images online. I decided to post it for those of you wondering what it is like as we have all seen tons of positive pregnancy tests. The color was red/pink and dark brown old blood mixed with fresh. Not enough to fill a tampax at all. I put a tampon in to collect the blood as I want to see what color it is hoping it may be implantation but telling myself not to be so stupid. I pee on an internet test (very early sensitivity) and BFN. Maybe it is AF after all. However I am not so sure as it seems like the same implantation bleeding I had last pregnancy.

I change tampax twice that morning to see what is going on and both times I had dried up brown blood with a speck of fresh red- more than my usual mid-cycle Luteal phase spotting and darker in color more like the last day of your period when you don’t need a tampon but you put one on just in case. I can see how some people might mistake implantation bleeding and think they were having a light period.
Anyhow after work, I cook dinner and scoff a load of chocolate and tell myself I am imagining it as this am was a BFN. On a whim and because internet pregnancy tests are so cheap I decide to POS at about 6pm. I swear I see a second faint line appear straight away. Get really excited- I have peed on enough sticks which were BFN. Pull out two more and dip them in the same pee and the same thing. Three very faint, squint and you might miss them positives at 10DPO. Showed them to my partner via my smartphone and he is usually quite skeptical but he too could see the faint lines. Can’t believe it.

June 26th- 11DPO
Work up at four am busting to pee – good sign since the only other times I have woken up to pee so early I was pregnant. FMU was same as yesterday’s line- barely a whisper of a line but still there. Reminding myself that this is a very early test to might be chemical though my body is telling me I am clearly pregnant. Went back to sleep and dreams I had a miscarriage. Felt hungry all day – otherwise fine. Bought a digital test which I plan on using in a few days to check my progress. Excited but very wary. Decided we are not telling anyone this time until after 14 weeks if I can hide it till then.

June 27th – 12DPO
Woke up and was constipated then I had the runs and quite a large amount of spotting when I strained on the toilet! Decide to take the day off work and rest. Very gassy. Call my gyne appointment for Monday coming. No spotting after that one incident – trying to remain positive and remind myself that this pregnancy has the same chances of success instead of expecting the worse.

June 28th - 13DPO – Period is due today and nothing. No spotting or anything. It’s early days yet but I am hopeful and grateful that I CAN get pregnant again as this was a major worry I had.

FMU shows a clear line – praying this little rainbow baby sticks and wishing all of you lots and lots of baby dust. I know everyone always says this but it is so true. These stories helped me so much while I was in my dreaded TWW’s. I hope and pray for a H and H 9 months- Baby dust to all.



So my cervix is still high and told to the left now. Had brown watery cm this morning.then brown pink orange bod when wiped. Every since been having dark almost deep brownish black blood coming out. No heavy cramps. Just light ones barely noticeable in the center of pelvic area. Everything else still the same symptoms wise. Could this be implantation?? I called my doc they said it is possible and sounded like and wanted me to test Monday when aunt flow is due. But I'm not sure need your ladies experiences and advice please.

So are you pregnant!?

I wrote the story above and the Doc confirmed yesterday BFP. Have been put on Progesterone and Baby aspirin :)

Congratulations have a happy and healthy nine months thanks for the gross pic it is so true there is nothing online I looked it up and couldn't fine one then I remembered reading your post before so I went back to it . I had a very faint positive on a dollar store brand then spotted brown which is unusual for me then dark red then brown dry (so dry that it was hard to put a tampon in) and done this lasted only 3 days unusual for me I'm 5to 7 days but its been nine months since my first pregnancy /miscarriage I'm sorry I'm just a bit depressed just knowing I should of been given birth. Well god bless you sincerely wishing you the best ♥

Sending lots of positive vibes your way . I know how awful that is my previous dd would have been August 1st. Hopefully we will both hold a baby in our arms soon.

Thank you for posting your pic! It was very helpful to me I am now 13 dpo and still waiting to test (I'M SO NERVOUS ) I started having the some dark brownish red spotting at 8 dpo that lasted for 3-4 days. Mines also wasn't enough to fill a tampon, it actually was almost the exact same amount as yours. I suffer with mild PCOS so I do ovulate just not regularly. And me and DH have been TTC for a year now. After so many BFNs I don't want to get my hopes up, but this is the first time I've ever had spotting like this. SO CONGRATS AND THANKS FOR THE BABY DUST!! and I hope I'll be getting a BFP soon.

thank you very much for your pic. I noticed the spotting this afternoon, and felt so depressed and disappointed. But i will wait to see what it might turn out to be .... :)

How long did the implantation bleeding last for you?

Please help !!
I got a really light unusual period looked like your picture came the same day i had to get my period lasted five days like normally does but it was really light i had some red spots but mostly brown mild cramps which is rare for me

My af is irregular so I'm confused today. I wiped this afternoon and I saw very light blood so I figure af is here and wear a pad. Then later I discover that I've had a drop of dark brown blood like old blood and slight cramping. I'm thinking it could go either way now pg or Af?!? X

Happy for you! i dont know if its my period or spotting, i only use one tampon a day and its not even full, its my third day now it looks like what your last day would look like on your period??

Thank you for taking the picture of your spotting! I thought it would be a lot less, but you just gave me a flicker of hope!

this is exactly the same thong happening to me now. although I lack the courage to do a home test.

I'm 10 dpo noticed pink streaks of blood mixed with cm when i wiped around 1am this morning but a big snotty glop (tmi) of cervical mucus hours before...implantation maybe?? Any advice or similar experiences bfn 8-9pdo btw

I been trying to have a baby with my husband for 2 1/2 years (we already have one together She's 3 1/2 years old) but I don't have a 28 day perido but I had an 6 day on from oct 17 oct 22 we had fun a few day between the 18-14 of nov. and I was due according to the app I have the 15 I believe but on nov 21&22 I have light spotting like ur the photo above and that's it I'm cramping at night and feeling like I'm going to get sick but haven't yet but I have not tested yet cause I'm afraid to get my heart broken the app says I'm due dec 18 should I wait or test now

Jess; Hey i think you should hold out as late as possible that way you get more accurate results, if the spotting you experienced is IB give it 2 or 3 more days. *Baby dust to you!!! Btw bfn 10dpo

i am quite irregular but i noticed ewcm and 5 days latter sore nipples which lasted for 10 days and i had very light pinkish bleeding. Two days latter bfn maybe i shuld wait a little more days

Im havin the same symptoms except less blood.
On the tampón.... Breast feel sore.. Period was posed To come dec.5th .... Its Now Dec.15
Ive been having slight cramps...I took a hpt ir was neg. Bt ima Waitin it out to see IF I miss My menstrual

I have 3 children under 7. I have been on depo, pill, mirena our, currently have nexplanon. We were not ttc, as my husband is older and feels done. My last period was end of Nov. but 8 days ago we had intercourse. 5 days after on Thursday I began spotting very little brown. The next day more brown but around mid day I had some red mix in with it. Ever since it goes from super light brown spotting to a mix of brown and red. I had mild cramps where I would usually need naproxen to get through the day. I crave sour cream and ate it with Mac n cheese, hot fries, and even pizza! Yuck, right? I am moody, weepy, a heavier urge to urinate, and I can hardly stand to smoke my usual smokes ( what told me I was preto last time). It's too early but both HPTs Saturday were super faint pos. so idk! Waiting until this weekend to test again and make sure...

Do you know your cp when you started bleeding.

Same issue my tampon looked the same on the mourning of the 15th i was spotting for no more them 10 min per day brownish and red.. Went to clinic day after xmas and got a bfn... Lady told me a funky period.. I would think a funky period has a flow never heard a period being brown and spotty but whatever... Just had light cramping and ewcm yesterday now I'm confused thinking i might have just ovulated... Idk what is was but it was weird....

Same issue my tampon looked the same on the mourning of the 15th i was spotting for no more them 10 min per day brownish and red.. Went to clinic day after xmas and got a bfn... Lady told me a funky period.. I would think a funky period has a flow never heard a period being brown and spotty but whatever... Just had light cramping and ewcm yesterday now I'm confused thinking i might have just ovulated... Idk what is was but it was weird....

So im extremly worried & in dying need of some help. I have an app on my phone that ive been using for months. It tells me when im ovulating, keeps track of my periods, lets me track when i have intercorse, & tells me when im fertile. Its been on point every since ive used it. But this last month things have beenrocky. December 25th was my.ovulation day. My boyfriend& i have been ttc. We were intimint. My period is december was on the 7th. & this month in January i was supposed to start on the 8th but my "period" came 4 days early. Which in all my years ive had my period, its never came early. So its strange. Its like a normal period. Today is only the 4th dat but i just feel like i am pregnant. Its hard to explain but i feel it. Im having all sorts of symptoms too. Im constantly bloated, peeing alot, headaches, heart burn, metallic taste comes & goes, had minor cramps not so much anymore, & my stomach just dont feel right. Why did my period come early? Could it br something other my period which im hoping. Someone please help.

I've been on birth control for the last year, but if I were to ovulate it would have been around New Years. I was intimate with my boyfriend almost daily during that week and as per usual, because I'm paranoid, was waiting for my period to be sure everything was in the clear. On the exact day my period was set to start, I woke up in the morning and found a very very light smear of blood. I assumed it was just too early for the flow to really start. I usually have a very heavy flow that lasts for approximately 5-6 days. I had intense cramps throughout the entire day but when I went to change my tampon I found that I had barely bled at all. I went to bed that night and the next morning my tampon was only half bled on. I changed my tampon and went to work. I seemed to be bleeding more but it was still very light in comparison to my usual. Today, day 3 of whatever this is, my period again was light for me. It's now the end of the day and it seems like it's come to a stop -- again, much shorter than my usual period.

Could this be implantation bleeding?? It seemed to follow the usual pattern of a period -- started off light on the day it was expected to arrive, got heavier, and then tapered off -- but it didn't follow MY usual period pattern (start off light, get very heavy, and taper off only after 5 or so days). A friend told me that after prolonged use of birth control your period can get lighter, but it seems like a drastic change from last month.

Can you PLEASE help?


I have the exact same situation as you. Was ovulating around New Years and was intimate daily during that week. Period was supposed to arrive today, but from January 17-January 19, I had what seemed like a period, but was lighter, absolutely.

I took a pregnancy test today and received a negative, which I don't believe. Perhaps it's too soon. What's happening with you? Any chance I could be pregnant?


I had implantation bleeding before, this is how it started, I had clear discharge with a streak of red blood then it was clear the whole day the next 3days it was pink with brown on the last day then for 9!! Yes 9 whole days I bled bright red heavy blood and had cramps that would go bad then back to mild I thought I was misscarrying it was that bad , I had loads of pregnancy symtoms too. Sadly though 7 weeks later I miscarried in august sometime. I can't remember exactly when I got a bfp. But now I think I may be getting it again? Last time I bled was 12th january on the 5th febuary I noted clear discharge with streak of red blood, 6th clear with little speck of red blood, 7th pink , 8th heavy pink discharge with light red streak disappeared 2hrs later and went back to clear then pink on and off, 9th just a little bit of pink then clear, 10th a light brown discharge, 11th woke up with brown watery discharge went away and I then had light on and off brown discharge , 12th(today) light brown on and off till 7pm I wiped and had darker brown/red discharge once then iv just had brown discharge again , anyone think it could be implantation? I don't want to get my hopes up and I just want a second opinion? I am getting pregnancy symtoms but I'm worried its just my mind and body playing tricks on me and also last time I had implantation my stomach was very tender,hard and stuck out and this is what's happening now , on the 5th I just had this funny feeling I was preggo and thought go to the batheroom now and seen I had clear with a streak, I'm not gonna get my hopes up cause I am worried I'm just kidding myself playing tricks,Thanks

Here is a twist. I had my tubes tied 6 years ago... I have had an very odd bleeding. I am very heavy, like almost 2 boxes of tampons heavy. Then yesterday it was a slimy/brown/reddish color about the same as your pic. Having a lot of early pregnancy signs/symptoms. So right now I am in a waiting game. How long should I wait to take a pt after implantation bleeding?

We are ttc but I don't know much about my cycle and when I ovulate and all that but I think I might be experiencing implantation bleeding. It loos just like your picture. I can tell a difference compared to a normal period. Should I get my hopes up?

Its all about the waiting game. I am basing on when I had sex last. I am a nursing student so that department is on the slow side with all the studying. I never plan or thank but my "period" was way off this time, and I have some of the symptoms that I had with my other kids. So I say wait the two weeks and check or get a few pt and just keep checking. Good luck!

Thank you so much for actually posting a picture. I know it seems gross, but when you're googling this stuff like mad, there's just no way to describe it in words. Some sites say "light bleeding" some say "a spot or two" this helps put it in perspective.


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