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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 11 DPO :)

I have been following this website for the last four months especially about a week before my period is supposed to start. I have kept up hope and compared my symptoms to all the other ladies. For the last four months, I have kept up hope that I was pregnant until Aunt Flo came. Finally today, I got my BFP at 11 DPO.

Just some background, September 2011 I got pregnant. About a week before Thanksgiving, I found out I had a partial molar pregnancy, and the baby had died around 8 weeks. At this point, I thought I was around 12 weeks pregnant. The doctor ordered a D&C for the next day. I went in for a D&C. After my D&C, I had to have lab work drawn weekly until my beta hCG was less than 2 to make sure I had did not have gestational trophoblastic disease. It took until March, for my beta hCG to completely drop to below 2. This was complete torture!

After March, we decided that we would start "trying" again. I did not want to put pressure on becoming pregnant so I did not chart anything. I just used an app on my phone that showed about the time I ovulate. I wanted it to just happen naturally without pressure. I do not have my symptoms written out day by day, but this month my symptoms have been different to the other months. The main symptom I have is a pulling sensation in my abdomen when usually I have period cramps around this time of the month. Also I usually spot 2-4 days before my period, which I have not done this month. Today, I also started to have extreme nipple tenderness.

Just a couple other weird things...I had two dreams I hooked up with a girl (I am completely heterosexual), and other vivid dreams. Some had to do with pregnancy like finding out my best friend was pregnant. I also thought the smell of beer was disgusting, and I usually love an ice cold beer.

So today at 11 DPO, I got my BFP. I have been testing for the last 3 days. I took one this morning, which looked negative. I then took one tonight when I got home because of the nipple tenderness. At first, it looked negative, then the beautiful second pink line appeared. I pulled the one out of the trashcan from this morning, and it too was positive. I know this is very premature, but I am so excited. We have decided to keep it a secret this time for a while because of our heartbreak last time. I still cannot believe I am actually typing up my BFP story.

Things I did differently: We went on vacation for a few days this month. My job is extremely stressful. Also, I could feel when I was ovulating this month because it was so painful. We had bd'ed the night before I ovulated (which is when my app said I was ovulation) and when I felt the pain, we did it again that night.

This website was awesome, especially since I saw all the miraculous stories of women getting pregnant after several years of TTC. I feel so excited, scared, and blessed :) I am praying that this one sticks and for a healthy pregnancy. Praying for all the other ladies out there for their BFP!

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