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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 11 DPO

Hello! After reading so many stories here it's my turn to post. I am 32, DH is 38 and TTC "actively" the first since March. However I am off hormonal BC since December 2012 and NTNP. Never got before a BFP even a faint one. My cycles are between 24 and 26 days and my AF were always on time. I charted some cycles to understand better my cycle and noticed a LP on the short side ( 11 days) and sometimes with some spotting. In March I started to do OPK and did that in April too and I got positives around day CD 13 - ovulation CD 14. This cycle, I only did an OPK at CD 11 and was obviously still negative. The following day, we took a mini holiday break (3 days) and I didn't pack the OPKs. So we BD a LOT on CD 12, CD 13 and CD 14 and we also used pre-seed every time. On CD 14 night I felt ovulation pain on my left side. I also noticed some EWCM on CD 11, CD 12, CD 13. I don’t feel the classic symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, constipation, bleeding gums, metallic taste, strong sense of smell or breast/nipple soreness, implantation pain but my really first “strange” symptom were hot and sweaty hands three days before BFP. So if you don’t feel anything “classic” it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll describe up my symptoms: 1 DPO- 5 DPO- nothing but went to OB-GYN for routine check up on 3 DPO and she confirmed my left side ovulation “some days before” by ultrasound. My uterine lining was 7.3 mm and she classified it as “normal”. 6 DPO- slept for 12 hours at night and took a nap for 3 hours at noon which is, even for me usually a lazy/sleepy girl a record. 7 / 8 DPO- felt extremely moody and depressed . Everything was so grey but it was a Sunday without my DH and a lousy Monday work! My hands were so hot and I usually am a cold feet/hand girl. 9 DPO- Tired. I felt like a truck hit me. “Burning hands” and burning stomach. 10 DPO- Strong and unexpected diarrhea at evening. Still burning hands and burning stomach. 11 DPO- Took the day of to work from home because I felt so tired. I tested with a wonfo with SMU ( quite diluted) and got a very faint BFP. I tested again after two hours with a FRER and got a clear BFP with some concentrated urine. The diarrhea attacked at noon and felt some burning stomach after each meal. 12 DPO- No sign of AF or spotting or anything else. Hot hands and feet. 13 DPO- Tested again with a FRER and the test line was darker than 11 DPO. Felt so hot and I got some “morning” diarrhea. 14 DPO/15 DPO/ 16 DPO (today)- Continued to test and the lines were there. No sign of AF or any spotting. Today, I am feeling for first time some breast discomfort. I did BETA HCG today but I don’t have any results yet.


Congratulations. Hopefully soon i will also announce my rainbow baby. After 2 mc/s and unsuccessful attempts we tend to get discouraged. But i know one day,rather sooner then later,i will also announce my bfp!!! I also have 25-26 cycles,and also using preseed with other supplements. Again, congrats and take care and best of luck to you.



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