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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Ladies, I am sharing because I know how much it means when you are trying and you need to know symptoms to look for. This was our 3rd cycle trying and we had a chemical in July.... praying to the good Lord that this little eggy sticks!!! <3 History: I have 3 boys, all c-sections and was on the Paraguard for almost 8 years. -Below are my symptoms because honestly they were slim and I was doubtful that it was going to happen. I though for sure we were out! I usually cramp by two DPO until AF arrives and I always feel something going on in my body, but this month it was like NOTHING!!! i started to think that I may not have ovulated this month, but I was checking my temps daily so I know that I did. *I used two fertility apps (Ovia & fertility friend) to help chart our progress & I did basal temps daily. 1 - 2 DPO: NOTHING AT ALL (temp was: 99.2) 3 DPO: NOTHING (very light creamy CM & Temp: 98.8) At 3 DPO during my lunch break I felt a few little tug feeling on my side, but nothing major. 4 DPO: NOTHING to really report (temp: 99.2) I did wake up that night with a pulled muscle feeling in my side twice 5 DPO: NOTHING MAJOR- Temp: 98.6, CM light/ watery, CP: hight & closed. 6 DPO: EXTREMELY TIRED..... beyond exhausted! Came home and went to sleep for an hour and a half, went back to bed after eating dinner! Temp: 98.5 I got a very distinctive SHARP/ stabbing pain above my left hip bone that lasted for a few minutes.... it took my breath away (implantation??) 7 DPO: This is when the SYMPTOMS finally start to show up: TIRED.... came home and took a two hour nap, woke up and went back to bed after eating! Temp: 98.9 *I felt like I was getting sick... nothing too bad, but just light headed and yucky. 8 DPO: TIRED & VERY EMOTIONAL! This is when I started to cry about everything. I still chucked it up to my period being around the corner. Around 10 a.m. my temp spiked to 100.1 and I thought for sure I was coming down with something. 9 DPO: TIRED & EMOTIONAL... still crying about every little thing! lol I began to experience a few mild cramps. 10 DPO: I woke up with a headache and sick stomach (felt like a hangover) I was emotional and friend a few times throughout the day. I came home because I worked all day feeling like I had a virus and decided to take a test. There was a faint positive, but you had to really hold it a certain way to see. lol I decided to take a digital because I wanted to know = Not Pregnant, however, we were certain that we seen something on the other test. I went to bed feeling sick and woke up with loose bowel at 4 am and cramps. 11 DPO: Woke up with a headache still (light headed). Temp: 99.1, I went to work feeling like I had partied to hard the night before :-( Despite feeling sick.... I knew that I had felt this way the last time I was pregnant, so i was hopeful! *I took a test on my lunch break (First Response) and there are FOR SURE TWO PINK LINES!!! BFP at 11 DPO!!! I will test again tomorrow morning and again on Thursday to make sure my levels are getting stronger. Today at 11 DPO: I started having some joint pain, still feel yucky and cramps with backache. I NEVER HAD SORE BREAST OR IMPLANTATION BLEEDING, but I did not with my other pregnancies either. :-) I really hope this helps someone who feels like the are out because I was leaving it to God.... my body didn't give any quest until later in the cycle.


Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 mos.

Congratulations! I got my BFP today's at 11dpo!!! Yay happy 9 months for us! 

Girls, I tested postitve on 10 & 12 DPO with First Response. My back started to hurt really bad at work, so I started to drink a ton of water in hopes it would bring some relief. I drank 56 oz yesterday and 60 oz today. I came home from work and took an hour nap, woke up and tested because of my fear of a chemical and two test (1 regular & 1 degital) read = NEGITIVE at 13 DPO!??? I am so upset.... my urine was clear when I took the test but a bit cloudy due from all the water. I am hoping that it was due to diluted urine, but I'm thinking it may have been a chemical this month. Our heartaches, but we know that God has the perfect timing... I just hate going throught this again.


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