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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 11DPO!

My husband and I have been TTC our 1st and finally got our BFP on our 3rd time at 11DPO! I have no known fertility issues and have a very regular cycle. This is such a neat website and since I stalked it for about 90 days straight, I thought I should send my symptoms in as well! So here are all the juicy details:

1DPO - Stuffy nose, sneezing, watery allergy eyes, and a small backache. Temps at 97.29F

2DPO - Stuffy nose, coughing, sore throat, pain in armpit and yet another backache. Temps at 97.48F.

3DPO - Woke up with a headache, sore throat, cough, some uterine area cramps, dizziness, backache, yellowish CM, sharp but mild stabbing pain on left side of right breast, toothache. Temps at 98.16F

4DPO - Poking in right side of uterus area. sore throat, stuffy nose, tired, headache. Temps at 98.21F (still climbing? WTH?)

5DPO - Cold symptoms like crazy, Fertility Friend moved my crosshairs to CD16 for ovulation and we had stopped BD by then - crap. I'm out. :( Still wondering about the high temps though and not convinced the website is correct. Digging pain in uterus, heartburn, nausea, tired, toothache (like wisdom teeth are coming in), possible low-grade fever (?). Temps at 98.62 (HIGHEST EVER!)

6DPO - Have a cold, feverish but no fever, temp spike (Implantation, Triphasic, Fever? WHO KNOWS!), shooting breast pain, AF-like cramps early then gone, extremely tired (because I'm sick?), nausea, headache, some EWCM, insomnia (2am and 5am - UGH). Temps at 98.58F

7DPO - FF keeps moving my crosshairs - SO confused, decided to stick with my gut (and hope) that O Day was CD14 and not CD15-16 like FF says, temps down slightly today, still have a cold, Ab muscles feel like Ive done 1000 situps but I think they are sore from coughing, sticky/creamy CM, SO EXHAUSTED, AF-like cramps off and on, sore gums, heartburn, weird electrical sensations down "there", insomnia (AGAIN) at 2am and 5am. Temps at 98.32.

8DPO - toothache, tired, no CM then slightly creamy in afternoon, congested, coughing, temp up slightly, nervous tummy in morning, dream of BFP!!!!, irritable, full feeling fast then nausea, NASTY taste in mouth that will NOT go away no matter what I do (metallic?). Temps at 98.43.

9DPO - possible implantation dip on FF chart this morning, toothache, breasts SORE when touched, crampy, loose stools, BAD taste in mouth again, sour stomach, slight nausea, dizzy, "wet" feeling down "there", congestion, coughing, dried blood in nose (maybe?). Temps at 97.99.

10DPO - Crap. I definitely don't FEEL preggers anymore... Oh well, just waiting for AF and another month of trying. FF must have been right on as usual with my O Day. Some AF cramps, temps up but only a little, dried blood in nose, toothache, breast tender when touched, backache, hips sore, gassy. Temps at 98.10.

11DPO (THE BFP DAY!) - Temps back up (yay) - usually they have started going down for AF now!, creamy CM, "feel" preggers again, sensitive gums, strong urge to pee early in morning but not much comes out when I go, then I have to go bad again 30 mins later, bbs sore, full and sharp pains through them, HUNGRY (OMG hungry as HECK as soon as I wake up, and I'm not a breakfast person!), loose stools, AF Cramps. Temps at 98.43. Decide to test late in the evening after returning from an overnight trip and sure enough a BFaintP!!!! Dollar Store brand ... not convinced, but hopeful. Will try again in the morning

12DPO - crampy, gassy, loose stools, toothache, congestion, tummy bubbles, backache. Temps at 98.15. Tested twice and a darker BFP on Dollar Store test in the morning and a clear and bright BFP on an Equate test that afternoon! I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!! :) Praying for a sticky bean!

I guess after all that has happened in the past 2 weeks, my biggest signs were the breast tenderness (which I never get), the creamy CM (I'm usually completely dry after Oday), and the odd twinges/cramps that were slightly different than AF. Honestly, thought I was out and had more symptoms during the 2 months I wasn't pregnant. All the glory to GOD!!!


Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. Have a safe 9 months!   God bless...

Thank you!!! :) My doctor did a "just for fun" ultrasound yesterday and everything is looking great! Good luck and God bless you too!!

Your post is very informational to me seeing as I feel that the temps are a bigger sign than anything! Your temps and my temps are very alike which makes me super happy! I told the b/f all about your post and showed him our matching temps which got him more excited!! I wish you the best of luck and a very healthy and happy pregnancy and delivery! xoxox

So are you pregnant then? :) Praying for you!

Our beautiful healthy baby girl was born June 15, 2012!!! Welcome to our family Katelyn Elizabeth Kay!

Omg! I'm having ALL the same symptoms i'm just 11dpo and it feels like my uterus being poked by a butterknife.. Congrats on the BFP!! I'm praying for mine!!!

come on.. tooth ache has nothing to do with getting pregnant. and it irritates me to see people psting their signs from 1 dpo? stuffy nose needs some cleaning. it has nothing t do with gettting pregnant n 1 dpo. wow i am feeling so bitchy right now. maybe time to get my own bfp! hope yu have SAFE and wonderful pregnancy.

Actually tooth ache is a symptom. As a dentist I can tell you that your gums have a lot of very fine blood vessels that (like your breasts and your brain), become hypersensitive with an increase of blood flow. This can cause gum swelling and irritation. Please do not post negative remarks on someone's beautifully exciting story, especially if you are unaware of the facts.

Your story is amazing!!! Congratulations!!! I am at 8dpo. I began cramping at around 2 dpo and it lasted until this morning then subsided. I have a horrible toothache which began around 6dpo...unusual for me. Creamy cm. I feel extremely warm at night. Very tired, almost a hungover type feeling. Abdominal twinges and pulling...oh and my ovulation pain lasted 3 days...very unusual. Praying...

LOVE the comment from the dentist!! Thank you for posting that! I was reading this and was like WTH?? Who on earth would write such a negative comment?! I have definitely heard of toothaches being a symptom. Every woman is different! Anyway rant over I am having swollen gums and the sharp pains in bbs so I found thus very helpful! I saw the original poster got to take her baby home so if you see this congratulations!!!!!

I'm new to all this, so the jargon makes no sense! But your daily journal was super helpful. Thanks, :-)

I have some similar symptoms and at 9 dpo I got a faint positive line but it was after an hour I'm sure it's an Evap line as the test I have are known for that. it suck when you when you want something so bad but have no control over it. today I am 11 dpo and feel horrible cramps hopefully it's pregnancy cramps. bfp dreams to reality for al of us ttc!

I love this site. I secretly stalk it all the time... NEVER POST. I've been ttc for over a year. I had short luteal phase defect, which I am currently taking vitamin b6 to help lengthen it now. It actually increased my luteal phase from 10 to 12 at least! first cycle trying. today I'm either 9 or ten day past o, FF says nine, MyDayz says ten. I usually would have droping temps by now. I tempted at 98.22 this morning, usually I never get hotter than 97.99. Period. I am having alot of c cm, breast aren't sore though. but at 8 or 7 dpo, I ended up in the ER from cramps! I had a horrible pain in my lower left back, but when I got up, it just took over my whole lower abdomen! I vomited over twenty times in the hospital off of 4 injections of nausea meds!! They said I wasn't pregnant, and I had a uti, and I have had frequent urination, first ever my whole ttc journey!! I get uti all the time... it had never been that bad. I think that it may still be a chance I'm pregnant, cause I heard that uti was a slight sign of pregnancy. :)

I just wanted to congratulate you and add that a tooth ache is most definitely a symptom. I have been pregnant 4 times in that year unfortunately all miscarried but an abcess tooth is always how I know before the test even shows positive. Late time I was so sure that when my tooth started hurting I went in for immediate blood work and my hcg was only a 6, Yes a 6! Way before any home test ever would have been positive! Good luck and again a huge Congrats! :)

I'm 14 dpo... For about a week now I've had swollen sore gums, very tender boobs, where I can't sleep, my temp is rising, and I'm feeling very bloated. I'm too nervous to do a hpt, so figured I'm going to wait for my period and take it from there. Due tomoro! Wish me luck... I've been ttc for a year!

Hi guys.. Some really old post tho I can relate.. Been ttc for 3yrs now was told I have pcos.. Have been on Fertility treatment but no BFP.. Last period was on 2 april 2015 so I guess my O day was 14th day.. After O day been having constant headache, had a slight oink discharge and on 24th day had a bright red bleed in the pan n now nothing! Due today for my period but all I have is back ache with on an off breast pain and sore throat n a stuffy nose.. Any feedback?

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