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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 12 DPO - Letrozole

Long time coming! Please keep the faith and trust in God. I am amazed and grateful. My husband and I have been trying over 15 months. We've never prevented in 7 years. I did have 2 fibroids removed in 2012 (8cm and 9cm). I had a D&C in 2015 due heavy bleeding polyps were found. I refused birth control and started using fertility blend to regulate my cycle. It helped.

On May 2nd approx 3 weeks ago, I went to the RE because it had been well over a year. We explained we had HSG, sperm analysis, and we've been using OPK's. All came back normal but we are coming to him because we still weren't pregnant.

My RE said it would be likely that I needed IVF due to the scare tissue left after the 2012 surgery; however he was willing to try letrozole and timed intercourse then letrozole and IUI if necessary. In addition to letrozole, he told me to take prenatal vitamin, Co-Q10, alpha lip pic acid, B-Complex, DHEA, and vitamin D (9 pills/day).

I took letrozole cycle day 9-11. I had a positive OPK on cycle day 15 (hard painful cramping). I ovulated on cycle day 16. My RE told me to wait until cycle day 22 to test but I felt uneasy and my tummy had a tight cramp-like feeling. I decided to test cycle day 22 (11 DPO) I had one faint positive on FRER, two faint positives on First Signal, and 1 faint positive on Dollar Tree all between (7pm-9pm). It showed up in 3 minutes.

I tested again at 2am. Two more faint positives. Then at 9am I decided to use the CB digital advance. I was patient but nervous. I told my husband as soon as it popped up.

1-7 DPO no symptoms that I can truly note

8-9 DPO hot flashes, fatigue, dreams, and cramps

10 DPO cramps, gas, fatigue and exhaustion

11 DPO faint positives on 5 test, cramps, acid reflux, tiredness, pressure in uterus.

12 DPO cramps, heavy pulling feeling in uterus, faint positives on walmart brand, dollar tree, and then positive on CB ADVANCE DIGITAL. I saved the CB Digital test for months with hopes of using it.

My RE also prescribed progesterone (once positive test confirmed) to thicken my endometrium. Twice per day 200mg.

I hope this gives you hope. It was a struggle. We thought we would have to pay for IUI's and then eventually IVF. We pray for this child and I ask God to help me through this pregnancy.

~God Bless~

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