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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 12DPO - TTC for 3 months

So happy that I get to post here!!!

I stalked the TWW BFP stories for about 3 months before we started TTC and picked up some really good tips like using OPK's and I also used Conceive Plus as I do not normally get a lot of EWCM around ovulation time. This month we BD'd every 2nd day starting the first day of the fertile window and BD'd 4 days total including O day.

Main difference this month was very tender breasts and extremely sore nipples. Also I have Crohn's Disease and normally have a lot of gas and bubbling in my stomach and jump between diarrhoea and constipation but for the last 2 weeks I have had very normal bowel movements.

I actually didn't have as many symptoms as I would normally get before AF in the first week post ovulation but that might have to do with me trying not to think about it and trying to convince myself that I hadn't conceived this cycle but here they are :)

22/1 - Positive OPK in the AM
23/1 - Ovulation day(according to "Clue" App)
1 DPO - 5 DPO - Nothing at all
6 DPO - Really tired in the afternoon but got up at 5am for work so put it down to that
7 DPO - Same again, extremely tired in the afternoon after at 5am start. Took cheap internet test BFN(of course!)
8DPO - BFN again in AM with cheap test(I bought a pack of 50 on eBay so went nuts with POAS) Very thirsty all day and drinking heaps of water. Nipples starting to get sensitive which is normal for me before AF
9 DPO - BFN again in AM. Extreme dry mouth during the day and slight metallic taste. Went to bed and got up an hour later busting to pee(not normal for me). Nipples very sensitive(normal) but breasts also quite tender which I don't normally get.
10 DPO - No real symptoms other than sore breasts and sensitive nipples. Slight twinges in lower abdomen but didnt think much of it. BFN again in AM. Was about 100% sure I was out this month.
11 DPO - Breasts still crazy tender and feel huge! Nipples so sore and sensitive. Worked a night shift til 3am, got home and decided to do a cheap test before bed and super super faint 2nd line. Tried to brush it off and not get my hopes up.
12 DPO - Breasts + nipples still insanely sore. Did cheap test again with FMU, same very faint line. Told DH and he drove straight down to the chemist to get more tests. Tested with FRER and dark 2nd line straight away!!! I did another FRER a couple of hours later and same result!

Still in shock and so excited and nervous and freaking out all at the same time! Hope it sticks!!!!

Thank you to everyone who posted, your stories and advice were so helpful :)


Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 mos.

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