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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 13 DPO!!!!!

I am so excited to say that it is finally my turn to share my story as I received my BFP today!!! I am 31 and DH is 32. We have been TTC for 6 months. I don't believe I could have kept my sanity without all of your stories!

Early on in our mission of TTC, after countless hours of reading and re-reading these success stories I realized that I lacked any fertile quality CM, in fact I was very dry with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 creamy CM days. After researching my issue, DH and I decided to try Robitussin this cycle. I took 2tsp, 3 times per day. I also drank grapefruit juice as often as possible prior to O. HELLO EWCM!!!!! Holy cow! I couldn't believe it! I had 3 days of increasing EWCM, and O day with super thin, almost like water, and a very large amount! The perfect environment needed for DH's sperms to meet my egg...and it worked! Also, I noticed that I don't get much CM on external checks, I actually had to check CP to assess the CM quality for the day, possibly becuase my uterus sits very posterior. Anyway, this is the only change we made and.....Tada!!!  Preggers!

My biggest sign that this was my month was sore boobs. I don't consistently get sore boobs every cycle, but when I do they are a few days before AF. This month I had sore boobs from 1 DPO. Knew something was up :)

Here are my symptoms. Not many, but I wanted to share :o) I have a very regular 31 day cycle, usually O around 18-19 DPO verified with OPK.

BD: CD days 10,11,13,14,15,17,19
CD 16 -19 EWCM
CD 18 : +OPK
CD 19: O day, big watery fluid gush. BD at 9 AM. Cervix tender in PM. CM drying up in PM
1DPO: CP high, cervix still tender, creamy CM. Uterus cramps, needle point-like stab to lt ovary. Sore Boobs!
2DPO: cp med high, creamy CM. Uterus cramps all day/ Sore boobs!
3DPO: Uterus cramps all day, CP High, closed, sticky. Slight dizziness today. Low back pain in PM. Sore Boobs again!
4DPO: CP high, soft. Sticky CM. Boobs slightly sore. Sore throat starting, feel like a cold coming on
5DPO: Sore throat worse, sick on couch all day with congestion and body aches (not sure if related as there are several ppl sick around me.) Uterus cramps all day. CP med, sticky CM
6DPO: CP low. Sticky clumpy CM. Boobs lightly tender. Mild cramping in uterus in PM. Still sick
7DPO: Worse pain ever in my boobs! Nips, sides, Tops, armits. Like my chest was being used as a punching bag! Noticing veins on my boobs getting darker. CP low, closed. Creamy CM. Still sick with cough/congestion
8DPO: Lt ovary pings, light uterus cramping. Boobs sore. Nausea, diarrhea a few times today - think its from this sickness but unsure. Eggwhite type clumps and drying CM. BFN at night
9DPO: CP high, closed. No CM. Feel bummed becuase I have read so many times that CM is increased and creamy if pregnant. And now I had none, at all. :( Bbs only slightly sore. Still sick. BFN with FMU
10DPO: Boobs still sore. Feel wet, but literally no CM. DRY, DRY DRY. feel sad. BFN in afternoon. However in PM I had intense cramping that came out of nowhere. Both ovaries and uterus with consistent tight cramping for about an hour. I am convinced that this was implantation. Had no spotting, trust me I was checking!
11DPO: Boobs sore. Slightly more CM today. Very light creamy/sticky. Felt like AF coming on as cramps were mild and consistent. BfaintP with FMU. I mean FAINT. I was holding it under flourescent lights, bathrooms lights even outdoors thinking...could this be??????
12DPO: Still feel like AF is coming. BfaintP with FMU...same as yesterday  as I was straining to see it. Didn't show DH yet cause didn't want to get our hopes up. Gonna wait until tomm morning. Feeling better today, sickness gone. Boobs slightly sore. No nausea, no tiredness.
13DPO: AF due today. Still feel like I am gonna start at any minute, but....BFP with FMU!!!! Still light, but definitely noticeable!! Immediately wake DH up, He sees it too! Going to continue to test as the days go on because I wanna see it get darker, plus you can never get enough of seeing those beautiful 2 lines! After so many BFNs, this was by far the most exciting moment of my life!

So thats it! Going to call my doctor on Monday! Super excited, Hope my little Bean sticks! For all of you ladies that have CM problems like I did, Robitussin works!!! Definitely give it a try!

Baby Dust to all my lovely TTCers!


Thank you for sharing your story. My DH & I have been TTC for 9 months now. We are both 24 and cannot wait to be parents. He's had a child before so I worry that somethings wrong with me, but he claims that sometimes it just takes a while. I pray that he's right. Anyway, I'm on cycle day 31 & my cycles are all over the place. We just bought some OPKs & as soon as I felt that O was happening I took an OPK & it was positive. So we did the baby dance as much as possible. I then became very dry after that..which is very unlike me. DH described intercourse was painful for him. Just this morning my CM increased and became very sticky. I pray this is our month because I feel like we've waited long enough lol

So glad you got your bfp! I'm supposed to start today but I've just been cramping like af will show but nothing yet! I tested at 12 dpo but bfn :( I hope regardless I the cramps I still can get a bfp! 

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