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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 14 DPO

I feel so lucky! My DH and I have only trying for two months and today I received my BFP! I have been dying to post my symptoms here all day since this site was so helpful for the past two weeks!

1-2 DPO No symptoms
3 DPO Stuffy nose and gassy
4 DPO Lots of white creamy cm and gross gas again
5 DPO Same as 4 DPO but I had a dream that I found a baby boy on the sidewalk, picked him up, and claimed him as my own. We will have to see if it is a boy!
6 DPO Exhausted, white creamy cm, gassy, bloated, twinges in lower pelvic area. My face is breaking out like I am a 13 year old hormonal teen.
7 DPO Dull pain in lower abs that feels different than AF. Gas is getting so bad I am grossing myself out and constipated. I feel like I am getting sick. Brown tint in cm in the evening...this was my big clue!
8 DPO Sick with head cold, loose stools (gross I know), pressure/fullness in lower abdomen.
9 DPO Still sick, crabby, small amount of watery cm, lower ab cramps that feel like AF is on its
10 DPO Sick! A little bit of white creamy cm, heaviness and pressure in lower abs that doesn't feel like AF cramps. I am surprised I didn't go crazy at this point.
11 DPO Still sick and my mom informs me that she had a cold the entire first trimester with me. No real big symptoms except maybe some tugging in my upper abs. I saw my mother in law today and she told me about a dream that she had 3 days ago about my DH and me with a baby. I play dumb but secretly I am pretty sure at this point that I am pregnant.
12 DPO Sick with cold still. Tugging pressure in my lower abs. Sweet smelling urine and watery cm. Gross gas kicks up in the evening again. Between the acne, disgusting gas and head cold I am wondering why my DH is even coming within a 3 foot radius of me.
13 DPO Nausea in the morning. My cold is starting to go away but I was woken up by a crazy hot flash in the middle of the night. Achy feeling in pubic area. Praying that I am pregnant.
14 DPO Expected day of AF. Take a test first thing in the morning. Run into the bedroom to wake DH up with BFP! Hooray! Took a cheapy second test after work with another BFP. Nauseated today and hungry at the same time (I didn't know that was possible!).


Old wives tales say that you have the opposite of what you dream. In your case you dreamt of a boy, so you will have a girl. Also, you say your face has broken out like a hormonal teenager, this is indicative of a girl as well. haha Old wives tales are funny, and you have a 50/50 chance! I can't wait to find out what I'm having! Hoping for a little girl!

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