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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I wasn't keeping track of every symptom by DPO but 14 DPO was yesterday and here I am with my BFP! I started to get a little excited when I noticed myself just feeling different, with that said I think I should mention that I didn't feel pregnant, I just felt like something was up & wanted to wait until missed AF to test because I didn't want to start driving myself crazy! 1-5 DPO- I was extremely car sick, and dizzy at random moments throughout the day, for at least 30 seconds each time. Frequent urination but I normally drink A TON of water all day so it's not really unusual for me. Food aversions, nothing tasted good to me and when I did force myself to eat I would feel really sick so only thing I've been able to eat is cheez-its for some reason I can't stop craving them & im an organic only super healthy eater so I thought WTF!! 6-8 DPO- still dizzy on a daily basis, lots of watery clear CM, still frequent urination, bloated & im very gassy (TMI) but I've been burping a lot! Slight cramping on/off nothing major but enough to say painful! 8-10 DPO- no dizziness but I was feeling very weak, my hands were shaky and I thought I must've had low sugar/blood pressure but I couldn't taste any of the fruit I was trying to eat to get some glucose in my system so I couldn't really eat enough to help myself. I started getting random BURSTS of energy towards night time, I wasnt the slightest bit tired at all and felt more energetic than normal! 10-12 DPO- symptoms were pretty much gone but I had little flutters in my ovaries and very very slight cramps on my lower abdomen under my belly button, not even painful to be honest but kind of felt like I had a boulder attached to my belly button weighing my stomach down- weird!! I had crazy vivid dreams & I remembered all of them, I normally don't even have dreams I don't think. 12-14 DPO- I still feel cramps in my belly which made me think AF was coming but my af cramps are normally super painful to the point where I have to stay in bed & this time they were very light and short but I didn't get my hopes up until I took my test. I also noticed my gums were very sensitive and inflamed, my nose was slightly stuffy but not anything crazy, my fatigue started to kick in around 13 DPO& I still can't really eat anything because I have don't taste anything & when my DH smokes his cigarettes I wanna punch him and throw up all over him- only time I feel nauseua! I think my sense of smell increased because it smells really strong on him when he smokes and before I never smelled it (He promised to quit when I get a blood test confirming my BFP :)) also I smelled blueberries out of a muffin that was accross the room :-) I also broke out in an itchy rash all over my thighs and my skin is super dry lotion doesn't help! 13 DPO was Valentine's Day and it was strange because I didn't drink alcohol but I woke up in the middle of the night and felt extremely HUNG OVER- like literally that horrible feeling that makes you say "I'm never drinking again" I felt like that at like 3 am and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night! By am I was fine but we went to my favorite cafe in Chicago and I didn't taste my favorite omelette and couldn't finish it because I wasn't feeling it which is SUPER unusual. I also gained weight which is weird because I haven't really been eating. My symptoms weren't even that crazy, which is what made me suspicious in the first place because my AF symptoms usually start a week prior to me getting my AF and I'm Usually SUPER hormonal, I get deeply deeply depressed and I cry for no reason for like a week straight (In public too LOL) and this time not only was I not the slightest bit hormonal but I also felt super energetic and contempt & upbeat for the most part. I had NO implantation bleeding or spotting, I had NO nausea, NO breast tenderness although nipples changed shape, I had no veins and NO weird cravings and NO hunger at all-- although it's not too late for all Of that to kick in& I know that! Some DPO I had no symptoms and felt totally fine, which was a sign because at that time I'm Usually already PMSing. So to sum up, bacially my symptoms were scattered, barely there, and when they were they only lasted a couple minutes each--if this is a sign for an easy 9 months ahead I'll take it! Lol. But the symptoms I did have were out of the ordinary for me so mentally I was prepared for either a BFP or a BFN, it wasn't urgent for me to get pregnant but we weren't using any protection or pulling out we just wanted whatever was meant to happen. (I want to mention that we BD every single day, sometimes twice a day--and that's normal for us we weren't trying to conceive, just not trying not to, incase that is what made it happen?) we're super excited and happy about our BFP! Baby dust to all of you!
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