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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 14 DPO after 8 long years

Hi everyone I am very Happy to say I am officially Pregnant "I cant believe it"
a little history I am 27 husband is 35, ttc since 2006. this cycle I took 200mg of clomid(took the clomid without DR. supervision), throughout the year I've done 15 cycles of clomid(6 cycles per year for 3 years) the 4th cycle I got a BFP, ended in miscarriage that was back in2009, I did 6 cycles of injectables and IUI(BFN). I tried 3 cycles of femara with injectables and trigger shot(BFN). This year(2014) I told my husband that we were moving to IVF. i went to my country(Honduras) and found a clinic that does IVF for $6500 and they are pretty good, i flew to see the doctor and he told me that i was a good candidate for IVF(he did and Ultrasound and told me i had a thick endometrium even though i have PCOS, i was ovulating on my own). i was tracking my cycle with OPK for 2 month and found out i was ovulating on CD 10 with a cycle of 32 days, lutheal phase of 14 days(its crazy i know).
BACK TO Business..

period started on 4/22/14
CD1-5 clomid
CD 6-14 royal Jelly and EPO
CD 15 Positive OPK lots of EWCM drove 3hours away to DTD(hubby works offshore comes home every 28 days ) I used pressed and soft cups, this is the only day we bedded
1 DPO left ovary twinges
2 DPO Breast tenderness just a lil bit, CM dry
3 DPO Breast tenderness and Heartburn, CM dry
4 DPO bad migraine, Breast tenderness
6 DPO nothing, CM none existent
7DPO Breast tenderness
8 DPO absolutely nothing tested with Wondfo BFN
9 DPO absolutely nothing tested with Wondfo BFN
10 DPO cramps at night. tested with Wondfo BFN
11DPO cramps I couldn't walk to work.. like around 3PM went to the restroom and when wipe a little bit of blood.(IMPLANTATION BLEEDING) tested with Wondfo BFN
12 DPO nothing, tested with FRER BFN
13DPO nothing tested with FRER BFN I though i was Out
14 DPO No symptoms BFP with $ general test at 6PM, tested with FRER and ANSWER all BFP
15DPO BFP with FRER Heartburn BFP confirm by my doctor


Congratulations!!!! So happy for you! I'm on 8DPO. You give me hope!! Wish all the best for you and baby!!

Congrats... i know the too waiting since half of ur time and hope this is my month. cheers for No symptom bfp! So u didnt go for IVF yet right?

congrats! lovely story. thanks for sharing. gives me hope.

thank you Robyneggs and Tagra I really thought I was out, I couldn't believe my eye when I got my BFP. I didn't do IVF
I forgot to mention that back in 2011 I lost my right tube due to scar tissue. I am so thankful to God for this blessing..I feel I waited so long. I've cried many times after each failed cycle. all my friends have kids and we are the only couple that didn't. my husband is very happy. I don't feel nervous at all I have faith that all will be good with this pregnancy.
I would like to wish everyone here luck while TTC, I know everyone journey is different however trust your instincts, I decided to do that and what i read on this websites really help me, the royal jelly I belived help with the egg quality(it taste awful, made me Horney..TMI) but the 2 month I used it I felt myself ovulating. the EPO help with the EWCM(which I never get. I've taken clomid too many times to know that it was no longer helping with egg quality so I did my search and trusted my instincts and got my BFP without the help of a doctor. baby dust to all.

PS. I've been taking my prenatal vitamins and folic acid for a while... I got all my products from whole foods. except the clomid I got that in Honduras 50mg tablets total 20 pills for about $25 US dollars cheap.

Happy for u Erika. I wish the Almighty listens to my prayer too soon :)

Wow what an amazing story and outcome!! Wishing you a H&H 9 months and thank you for sharing!!! 

more than happy to share with everyone that is suffering with infertility. thank you for your whishes baby dust.

Congrats!  Sendi g tons of sticky glue for your little one to stick. Have a h&h 9 months :)

Congratulations! Lovely story, a very h&h 9 months :)

Wow what an awesome story thank you for sharing. How long did you use the royal jelly for?

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