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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 14 DPO. Zero Symptoms!

Hello Ladies!
I have survived on these BFP stories while I was TTC. Keeping the promise I made to myself that I will post mine, when I get my BFP, Here Goes:

I have a 28 days very predictable cycle.
1-10 DPO: nothing.
11DPO: Very Very tiny spot of blood. It was the size of the poppy seed literally.
12DPO: Again a spot of blood. This time bigger. It looked like a small thin string around an inch long. I was obviously shattered!
13DPO: Surprisingly Nothing. AF arrives the very next day after spotting.
14DPO: convinced myself to Test using FMU. Instant BFP on Clearblue :D
Tested again in the afternoon. BFP again! :)

I have Symptom spotted for the last few months like crazy but when I got my BFP I had none! When I say none, I mean that the symptoms were the same as when I get my AF. So around 12DPO-14DPO every month I start getting Slightly sore boobs, watery CM, Yellowish CM, Milky white CM and EWCM - all one after other. My tummy makes loud rumbling sounds and I get itchy down there. I had exactly these symptoms on the exact same DPOs like every month. This month was no different in Symptoms but this month I am Pregnant! :D :D

I hope my Story gives you some hope, Ladies! All the best and fingers crossed for all of you!



so I had been on the pill for 11 years and I had no idea how long it would take for thins to work. It took about 6 months for my periods to get back on track and they were all over the place in that time, then they were 31 days for a 3 months and I got pregnant on the 4th month so alltogether it was 10 months ttc. 

I foubd out at 11dpo with a fairly clear positive and was absolutely stoked. A week after I found out I had some bleeding and bad cramping for a day and thought I was having a miscarriage, at that time my hcg levels were 105, doctor said to have another test in a week so it was killing me that whole week! The cramping stopped but I had that yucky brown blood for weeks. The second blood test can back and my hcg levels jumped up to 1900 then 22000 the week after that! i am now 20 weeks and everything is goin perfect. 

No one give up hope!! I thought I was out when I had the bleeding and super bad cramping!

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