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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 15dpo, implantation bleeding same day

I've been stalking this website for the past 2 wks. This site has really helped a lot and made me feel like I'm not crazy. I'm so glad I can share my BFP story. I hope it helps. Dh and I had sex twice on ovulation day.

*2dpo: Felt twinges in pelvis mid-day, cramps, bloating and gassy. (I never get gassy unless I eat really bad. My diet
was the exact same, nothing changed)
*3dpo: Pressure, tightness, cramping

*4dpo: Cramping, bloated in the morning and evening. I didn't eat a lot. At night before bed I looked pregnant.

*5dpo: Cramping, low back pain

*6dpo: No cramps, but pulsating feeling in pelvis
*7dpo: Cramps all day, creamy yellow cm.
*8dpo: Yellow snot-like cm. Cramps in the am, thats it.
*9dpo: A little nauseous upon waking up. Slept in. No motivation. No workout. Slept 9.5 hrs and still felt exhausted.
Yellowish cm.
*10dpo:Cramps (mostly in the am) Very emotional, very agitated.
*11dpo: Took at test fmu BFN. Yellow cm. Gassy.
*12dpo: Slight cramps.
*13dpo Took test fmu BFN.
*14dpo: Cramps all day. AF is due today. She's a no show.
*15dpo: BFP but very very faint. Later on brownish blood only when wiping. Now I'm really confused. I thought
implantation only occurs before a BFP. Maybe the test is wrong. Maybe I'm starting my period.
*16dpo: BFP fmu but even more faint then the day before. I'm soo confused.
*17dpo: BFP, took the test at 5pm with a CVS brand that showed the plus and minus. The plus sign showed up instantly.

I knew I was pregnant even from the very beginning. I felt different. I don't see how its possible to get symptoms as early as 2dpo but I did and I know it wasn't all in my head.
Good luck ladies. I hope you get your BFP soon.

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Congrats on your bfp. I wouldnt say that blood on 15dpo was implantation...with my last pregnancy i started spotting brown when my period was due and for the next few weeks - i think it was just my bodys way of cleaning itself out...

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