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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


PRETTY LONG BUT I WANTED TO GIVE YOU LADIES ALL THE DETAIL (: Hey ladies, I just got my bfp after two months of trying. Last month we missed ovulation by two days :( last month I swore I was pregnant had all the signs : - bloating - what I thought was implantation cramping at 7 dpo - nausea - and really sore nipples *sorry tmi * When AF showed I was extremely devastades because I honestly thought that I was pregnant This month the only thing different was that I used an app called "ovia" it definetly helps with showing you your fertile days in a graph type of form. My symptoms during the tww: - really bad backache starting since 5 dpo , felt more like a really uncomfortable dull ache -EXTREMELY GASSY - ACNE OMG I BROKE OUT SOOOO BAD that's sort of gave me a clue something was going on -I HAD NO CRAMPS ! I usually cramp up starting from 7 dpo and this month nothing -FATIGUEEEEEEEEEE : the fatigue I was getting was so horrible , I could sleep 10 hours , wake up , find something to do and in less than 2 hours I was ready to go to sleep again . My period was due may 13th, 2016 the day my period was due I had some brown tinged cm that was really thick and some light cramping , I put on a pad thinking that I was about to start and NOTHING. I spotted again two days after on may 15th so I assumed AF was coming and nothing . I tested since 9 dpo and was pretty much getting nothing but BFN'S so I had pretty much given up hope . 7 days had passed and My period still wasn't here, I checked my cervix and had ewcm mixed with creamy cm and my cervix was pretty high , that seemed weird to me. Took a pregnancy test BFN , I had given up hope and honestly just wanted AF to start so that I could buy pressed and soft cups for next month since that was what dh and I were going to try. 8 days late and suddenly I just got the weird urge to buy a pregnancy test , I hadn't tested all day , I tested at 2 a.m. without first morning urine and got a BFP (: still faint but you can definitely see it without fainting (: I wrote this post to help you ladies during the tww hope you all get your bfp's and just keep hope alive things always happen when you least expect it I had seen a lot of post that were saying that a bfp after 19 dpo was nearly impossible but I'm here to let you ladies know that ITS POSSIBLE ! just because you're getting bfn's doesn't mean that you're not pregnant it could just be that your hormones aren't high enough to be detected (: hope you ladies have a good day . *I'll be checking up on this post just in case your ladies have any questions*
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I'm DPO 15 and I have no period in sight. I normally have 30 Day cycles and I am getting down. I have tested since four days before period due. So.. I am feeling like something is wrong. I am very wet down their which I normally am not. I just don't know when to test next.. 

Thanks for posting this! I am due for my period tomorrow and had a BFN this morning with a first response test. I have gotten several evap lines after the time frame on tests but no positive. I have many symptoms that are highly unusual for me (I have been tracking for 6 months). Its so frusterating to see that negative when my body is giving me so many signs that something is different. 

today I am 7 days late for my cycle, and tested two days ago on a walgreens (blue dye) hpt and got a BFN my cycles are usually pretty regular, did not want to go and buy another test and get dissappointed again but your giving me slight hope that I may still be preggo!

I would love updates on how things are progressing! Congrats on the BFP!

This makes me feel better! My hubby and I have been trying, AF came early I had my "period" 6 days ago, no cramps which I thought was weird, and a lot of dry old blood actually more than bright blood. ( sorry tmi ) and then 5 days later only when I wipe that brown discharge is there! And it actually started with a faint pink color and brown. And now it's the 6th day and still on and off brown when I wipe. Can you please tell me what you think? 

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