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BFP at 36 years old using OPKs

Hi you lovely ladies, As so many of you I have been stalking this forum (for years) and especially within the past 4 months. A bit of background info: I've had a surprise BFP about 4.5 years ago. DH and I had just started to get over the shock (as I had been on the pill) and were really looking forward to being a family - when that pregnancy ended in a MC at 6 weeks. I was so heartbroken, looking back I should have gone to counselling. It took me a long time to move on. But that also made me realise how much I wanted a baby! However because of personal circumstances we waited another 3 years until we gave it a shot. I finally came off the pill 1.5 years ago and we were going to let it happen naturally, without pressure. Well, nothing happened. My cycles were all over the place, from 24 days to 39 days. Additionally I found out that I had hyperthyroidism and my TSH was around 5, when it should be between 1-2 generally and around 1 when you are actively trying to conceive, so it was way too high to support a pregnancy. This might have been the cause for my earlier MC. Fortunately was easily fixed by taking one magic little pill each morning (for the rest of my life) and my blood tests now show a TSH about 1. 4 cycles ago I started using OPKs to give us a better chance at catching the egg. 3 cycles I tested positive on OPKs and we BD at the right times before and after the positive result, however the 4th time was a charm :) I am 36, DH is 38. Here are my symptoms: CD 10: BD CD 11-19: OPKs negative (light line) CD 14: BD CD 15: BD CD 19-22: OPKs negative (but progressively darker) CD 20: BD early morning CD 21: watery CM, nipples slightly stingy CD 22: BD at noon. watery CM, some pinching and tugging around ovaries, nipples sensitive CD 23 + OPK positive: BD again late at night. creamy to watery CM. Nipples not longer sensitive. 1 DPO: nips painful. wet and creamy CM 2 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). creamy to sticky CM. Sensitive nips 3 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). creamy CM. Nips still a little sensitive 4 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). chunky sticky CM. Nips quite stingy. Breasts feel full. Sharp shooting pain in uterus but only once. It's too early for implantation anyhow. 5 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). chunky sticky CM. Nips hardly sensitive :(. Nauseous at 8:30am but then okay. stayed at work late. 6 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). Woke up realising that I dreamt I was pregnant! It was a weird dream where i was in a futuristic place where a machine tested my functions and statistics. On the screen of the machine it mentioned that I had low blood pressure but this was not harmful to my baby. Baby??? Nips normal. Some pulsating twinges down below. Slightly pink crusty CM in the evening. Stared at it pathetically for what felt like hours trying to figure out if it was pink or not, or if I was nuts. The 2 week wait does strange things to us usually sensible women! 7 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). Woke up realising that I dreamt I was pregnant AGAIN! Even weirder dream I swapped body with another woman just for fun. Suddenly I realised that that woman might not know that my body was pregnant and that she would unwittingly drink alcohol and endanger the embryo. She was gone somewhere and DH and I had to run and find her. How very very strange. Nips normal, don't feel pregnant at all. Sticky CM. 8 DPO: Nothing. Breasts seem full but that's normal before my period. Sticky CM. 9 DPO: Constipated. Feel stuffed and like not enough space down there. Bloated and fat. Tired and procrastinating at work. Clear CM, not a lot of it some slightly watery. Bra seems tight/too small. 10 DPO: DH and my anniversary :). Nothing besides tired and some backache. Still constipated and fat feeling, if I manage to squeeze out anything it's more like rabbit poop. But feel nothing special. Breasts still feeling full but that's about it. CM between sticky and creamy. Skin is really clearing up. 11 DPO: Breasts feel bigger and slightly sore around the sides and below upon waking. Still a little constipated. DH asks me if I am pregnant as he noticed 'your boobs are popping', haha, I take this as a compliment! They are normally a standard sort of medium sized, feel slightly larger now though. Usually around this time in my cycle they kind of deflate a little. I notice I need to pee every hour or so. 12 DPO: Finally my constipation seems to be gone. A drunk homeless guy I walked past on my way to work seems to like the way I look in a dress, he gave me the thumbs up and made what sounds like compliments in Russian. :-/ Breasts still sore around sides. Skin is really good - no new breakouts! What I imagine to be the uterus feeling a little sore. Wearing a lose bikini top under my dress, breasts less sore because of it (hardly sore in evening - seems like a bad sign)? Watery but scant CM. Constantly have to pee. Spot of blood when wiping, wasn't able to replicated or figure out where it came from. 13 DPO: False alarm last night - woke up with breasts still heavy and tender. Starting to think this might be it! Lower back is hurting a little, it kinda feels like AF is imminent. Pinching feeling down there. Creamy CM. 14 DPO: I will not yet test! Today is the day when my AF usually rears it's ugly head. My skin is still really good though. And my breasts are still a little sore. They hurt less again in the evening, maybe thanks again to my bikini top being kinder on them. Did a tampon test in the evening (sticking it in, taking it out after a minute): no sign of AF. Hm. Feeling a little sexy but too cautious to BD. 15 DPO: was unable to sleep since 3am. So nervous, I think I might be pregnant. When I get up I test.... the line is lighter than the test line but it's a clear line!! So excited. As I have a day off I go straight to my doc. Because of the MC and my thyroid I am still cautious and want to get blood work done immediately. He checks with ultrasound, can't see the little bean yet as too early he says, but uterus lining is nicely built up and very plush, which he would see as a sign of pregnancy and to call tomorrow for blood work results. Egg white CM. Boobs still achy, not that painful though. I keep checking them (need to make sure not to do that in public!). Skin still good. My best friend goes into labour and has a baby girl 3 hours later. I cry happy tears for us both until I have a huge headache that lasts to the end of the day. DH comes home from work early and we go out for a celebratory lunch. He seems happy about my boob size, they are not that much bigger, seriously. 16 DPO (today): Some pimples around jaw line, hope that's not a bad sign now. Boobs still feel heavy. Hoping for good news when I call about the blood work in the afternoon today! I hope my essay is of help I know it's long but also didn't want to leave out any detail in case they mean anything to any of you out there, stalking the board like I used to (and still will). What was different this time: - Dreamt I was pregnant (twice), I can't remember ever having dreamt this in the past - the pinkish hue CM on 6 DPO, although I am still wondering as this would should have been too early for implantation - 1st cycle where I had raspberry leaf team in the lead up to ovulation. I didn't drink much of it or regularly though. - 1st cycle where I ate pineapple core. I bought 2 small pineapples and cut them myself as they don't sell cut pineapple with core in any supermarkets around where I live. I found how easy and fun it was to cut pineapple! I ate 1-2 slices every day from 2-7 DPO - My skin actually got better as the cycle progressed. Since coming off the pill my skin has been breaking out constantly. It got progressively better during the 2WW... until today that is. :( - Boobs feeling fuller and sore around sides. Left boob mainly close to armpit and right boob mainly below nipple. It comes and goes, when I first get up in the morning or take off my bra it is most noticeable and then gets less. - I have to pee a lot more (also at night) since about 11 DPO. Ladies wish me luck please, for this to become a strong baby and be a healthy pregnancy. All the best and baby dust to all of you!!! xxx


Congratulations! FXd for a happy and healthy 9 months.

 congratz on your bfp H&H 9months :)

Congrats! wishing you a happy healthy nine months :)

Saw the test packaging... congradulations! Best wishes for you and yours. 

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