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BFP At 40 After Multiple Miscarriages And A Son Born Sleeping - Please Let This One Be A Sticky Bean!

Hi everyone, so here I am again posting my second BFP story, I can’t believe it! I posted my first one in June 2013, but sadly it wasn’t to be as my son Frankie was born sleeping on 29th November 2013 when I was 33 weeks pregnant with him (I’ve tried to find my BFP story in the archive on this site, but I can’t locate it). I knew he was going to have a severe cleft lip and palate as that was picked up at my 5 month scan, but after he was born tests revealed that he had an extremely rare duplication on chromosome 15, which meant he would have been very severely mentally and physically disabled on top of the cleft lip and palate. I’d had six previous miscarriages at 6-8 weeks prior to my BFP in June 2013, but these were deemed to be as a result of a problem that my ex-husband had with a very high percentage of abnormal sperm. My son who was born sleeping was my first pregnancy with my second husband as I remarried. We had the year from hell last year as on top of losing our much loved and much wanted son we lost several close family members including my father in law, endured redundancies, bullying and betrayal by so-called friends so the whole year seemed nothing else other than death, loss, death, loss, death, loss – it was relentless. Thankfully things settled down a bit towards new year and lo and behold, now that all of that seems to be behind us, I get a BFP! I’m scared to death to be honest, I am happy and elated to see the word “pregnant” on the digital test but I’m petrified that the same thing is going to happen again. But I’m trying to be positive and change my mind set to truly believe that I will take this baby home and it will be my long awaited miracle as I’ve been trying for a baby since I was 28, and I’m now 41. So, here are my symptoms, which I hope will help any of you reading this hoping for your BFP: 1-5 DPO – nothing worth noting apart from sore BB’s, but I get that anyway before AF. 6 DPO – went a little dizzy/lightheaded when I bent down to pick up a book I had dropped. 7 DPO – exhausted, and I mean exhausted! I found an internet cheapie test in my bathroom cupboard and stupidly did it, BFN – obvious really as it was WAY too early! 8-9 DPO – thought I was getting a cold as I had a bit of a sore/dry/tickly throat, still really tired every evening. 10 DPO – still very tired. 11 DPO – thought I was out as when I wiped I had a bit of pink which usually signifies AF is on the way. Got disappointed and while out doing the weekly shopping stocked up on towels and tampons ready for the witch to arrive. 12 DPO – normally when I get a bit of spotting before AF my BB’s start hurting less. This time they didn’t, they hurt more. In fact they felt like they were on fire! 13 DPO - AF due to start, and nothing. BB’s still hurt like mad, still tired and I went light headed again while making a sandwich for lunch. Popped to the supermarket for a couple of bits I needed and bought a check and date clearblue pack. Promised myself I wouldn’t test until at least 15-16 DPO if AF hadn’t showed. 14 DPO – woke up feeling quite icky and sick. Had a carpet fitted in one of my rooms upstairs at lunchtime by one of my Dad’s mates, my Dad went out and bought fish and chips for lunch for him. The smell of it made me gag and normally I love fish and chips and the smell of them, so I decided to test. I used the ordinary clearblue test first – a line came up instantly – BFP!!! I couldn’t believe it! Decided to do the digital test that was also in the pack later to confirm – BFP 1-2 weeks! I didn’t really do anything different this month – last year I was a bit obsessed with getting pregnant again, trying to time BD’ing with my husband at the “right” times, using OPK’s, ate healthily, didn’t drink at all, did gentle exercise, I took pre-natal vitamins/folic acid, using pre-seed, leaving my legs the air afterwards, doing everything “right” – but nothing. I honestly believe that it didn’t happen last year because of all the stress and death and loss we went through. This cycle I didn’t use OPK’s and relaxed a lot more – lo and behold – BFP! I told my husband by going out to get a Valentine’s card, putting the two tests in and writing in it “Happy early Valentines Day....let’s stay positive, like these tests xxx” and I included the rhyme “Roses are red, violets are blue, if all goes well, October is when it’s due”. He opened it when he got home from work and he was speechless! I have a LONG road to go down with lots of milestones. I’m booking in at the doctors next week as I am going away for Valentines Weekend and a few days isn’t going to make much difference in the grand scheme of things. There isn’t really anything the doctor can do other than book me in for an early scan and even if I were to go now they probably wouldn’t see very much if anything. So my closing message is this – don’t give up, and it sounds completely trite but it will happen when you least expect it. And trust your instincts, although in the past I’ve had lots of cycles where I have been convinced I was pregnant and the witch would rear her ugly head so I know exactly what that is like! Baby dust and best of luck to you all!


Congrats!!! Your story is much like mine - I've had 3 miscarriages (due to hypothyroidism I found out, which is now controlled) and a 4th pregnancy lost at 22 weeks due to a trisomy. I'm trying again now. But it only takes one good one, and you certainly deserve it. When your healthy baby arrives, you will be so happy you kept trying!! Congrats again.

Hi there, This is my first time ever posting here. I check this site every week on my tww. I am also 41, and when I read messages like yours, it inspires me and also scares me. My husband is way older than me (68) and we've been trying to get pregnant since last year. We never got any bfp, not even a fake positive. As a 40-41 years old my FSH is great, my prolactin is good, progesterone is good except my Estradiol. Every month, I pray, I cry, and I hope to get a bfp, but it hasn't happened. I'm scared that we might not able to get pregnant. My husband's semen Analysis wasn't the best. His motility was 15&... Yep, not good, but his morphology was 45% good, count was 35million. I mean I only need 1 good sperm!! I pray and I cry. That's what I do :-( If you are in the same situation, please pray and keep your head held high baby dust to all of you.

Sadly this one wasn't a sticky bean, I'm going through another miscarriage :( this one is a miscarriage as opposed to chemical pregnancy as they did a scan and could see a small sac of approx 6 weeks gestation. It means I got my dates wrong last cycle of when I OV'd, and was due on a week earlier or so than I thought. Therefore the digi I did last Tuesday when I thought I was 2 days late should have showed "pregnant 2-3" or even "3+" instead of "1-2". So that's 6 miscarriages with my ex husband that were apparently due to a problem he had, I remarried then had a stillbirth at 33 weeks in November 2013, followed by 3 chemical pregnancies in 2014 and now this miscarriage Valentines Day 2015. I've had every test imaginable, and nothing can be found to explain them. I give up, I absolutely and utterly give up :(

I am so very very sorry to read your sad news and know what you're feeling. Please don't give up..!!! I was watching a documentary a few years ago on something called 'hair analysis'. It covered how this scientific testing method can pick up things (substances in the body) which need addressing and/or removing in order to conceive and also maintain the pregnancy. The docu covered several cases, some of which included multiple unexplained miscarriages etc. (Nothing abnormal could be found in conventional tests, such as blood). Google 'Hair Analysis' and it should bring-up a company based in the UK (the name slips my mind). They also happen to be a registered charity. I recommended this treatment to a close friend of mine who had been trying for years and years (She's got severe PCOS with almost no natural menstruation and her husband was in his very late 60's at the time). The company sent out extremely detailed questionnaires and analysed their hair samples (cut as close to the scalp as possible) and provided a date sheet for both of them. Gave them personalised dietary and lifestyle guides along with supplements to remove heavy metals etc from their systems. Cut a long story short....after trying for 5+ years, with medications and IUI too....all failed. BUT...after just 2 cycles following the Hair Analysis treatment plan....They got pregnant. They now have a GORGEOUS 3 year old little girl..!! :-) M xxxx

I also forgot to mention that the treatment is very very affordable compared to other things such as IUI and IVF etc. They claim to have been successful even with couples who have gone through several failed IVF cycles. (Due to the toxins in the hair and teeth that cannot be removed without balancing supplements)... I wanted to add that I'm nothing to do with the Hair Analysis people, but it helped my dear friend and I'd love to help anybody else who wants to try it. I too long for another baby, but need a whole lot of prayers and a truckload (or 10) of Babydust, as i'm 44...!! :-(

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have had several miscarriages so I know a tiny bit about your pain... Your story is heart-breaking. I am saying a prayer for you now, that God would bless you with hope, and with a baby....soon. :)

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