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BFP at 44

Oh, how to abbreviate my journey... Starting ttc at 40.5. After 45 BFN's, had first BFP at 44 resulting in daughter. 1st Conventional IVF Clinic 7 IUI's 2 IVF's Unexplained infertility. Diminished ovarian reserve, low antral follicle count, hormones at normal levels, did not respond well to stimulation meds. Given 1% chance of conceiving speech - Dr. told me I must have bad eggs because of DOR and age, so I should go straight to egg donor - even picked one out for me before ever having the DE discussion. 2nd Conventional IVF Clinic Additional tests. Poor AMH levels. Only 2 antral follicles on U/S that month (lowest count ever). Given 5% chance of conceiving speech. Didn't feel this clinic would do anything different from 1st clinic so didn't cycle here. 3rd Mini IVF Clinic FSH levels had begun to rise. Dr. told me if I could make blastocysts (5-day embryos) I would have approx. 20% chance of conceiving - same as naturally. Did 9 natural IVF cycles and retrieved 7 blastocysts. 3 cycles - BFN. Had full autoimmune/coagulation panel testing done. Tested positive for Antithrombin and heterozygous for MTHFR C677T. Dr. put me on Lovenox (blood thinners) for 4th cycle and finally had first BFP! The successful egg was retrieved when I was 43.5 and my FSH that cycle was 56. And we have two more blastocyst left.....


So happy to hear! I'm not sure if you just got pregnant again or this is a post about having your first daughter when you were 44? Either way, congratulations!! I love it when women defy the odds and prove the Dr's wrong.....

That's such great news on your bfp! I'm 43 and trying for #2! Xx

Congratulations! I needed to hear this so much. I am 43 and 3 months old and on my 2 ww. I had transferred only 1 5day blastocyst. This is my 2nd IVF cycle. I am on blood thinners as well. Hoping for the baby dust!

I am also on two week journey and this my 6th cycle do not have strength to take hpt two days more for official blood test just praying to get good result its 9 years of trying happy for you

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