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BFP at 5 weeks!

So after spending so much time on TTC boards and reading about so many women who get their BFPs at 7dpo, 10dpo, etc., I started losing hope for this month because I couldn't even get a faint BFP.....until I was 25dpo. I was supposed to start AF a over a week ago and she was a no show, so not only was I not getting AF and I was not getting a BFP either...VERY FRUSTRATING. Finally yesterday at 25dpo I got faint (but clear) positive on 5 different test. I could not believe it. On to my symptoms by DPO....I happened to note everyday in my Ovia app, so here we go. 1DPO-Pink spotting mixed with CM after BDing..Prob ovulation spotting. 2DPO-Nothing noticed 3DPO-Mild(Not quite as bad as AF) Cramps, creamy CM and indigestion, spotting again but only when I wiped once after working out. 4DPO- Creamy CM, and a headache...notably tired today. 5DPO-Mild Cramps, pink spotting only once when I wiped after BM, mixed with creamy CM. Tired 6DPO-Mild cramps in the morning, pink spotting when wiped after BM in morning and red spotting when wiped once at night time. Tired 7DPO-So weird..EWCM mixed with red spotting once when I wiped. Creamy CM. Very moody. Almost felt sick like. This evening I noticed a "ripping" sensation in my uterus area that lasted a split second then kind left a mild soreness for maybe 10 min after. I have no idea if it was implantation or not but it was VERY noticeable and literally made me cringe when it happened, very notable. 8DPO- Spotted after BDing, mild cramps all day. Vivid dreams the last couple nights. 9DPO-This night I had a dream that I went to the dr and she told me I was pregnant but that it was to early to detect by HPT or by ultrasound...woke up just knowing this had to be the month! Mild cramps. 10DPO-BFN, noticed I hadnt had a BM in a couple of days, began feeling bloated because of that. Creamy CM. 11DPO- Creamy CM 12DPO- Creamy CM 13DPO- Definitely constipated, creamy CM. Mild cramps. 14DPO- Watery CM, Cramps, sore boobs, bloating, no BM still. 15DPO-Left boob is sore, cramps, no BM. 16DPO-Left boob still sore, no cramps today, creamy cm 17DPO-Mild cramps 18DPO-Sore boobs, mild cramping on right side, finally had a BM. 19DPO-21DPO- stronger cramps like AF is coming any min. 22DPO-My dog became weirdly clingy and still is. Boobs very sore 23DPO-Current- Sore boobs, creamy CM The main things that I believe had me convinced this month was different is that I consistently had creamy CM, boobs were sore a lot this cycle, and the CRAMPS....I feel like I had cramps from ovulation forward. Also the EWCM a week after ovulation was weird for me. People say that's probably when implantation occurred.


firstly congratulations on your BfP that is wonderful news!!  I am wondering if you could help me. I am currently 9 days late for my AF but getting negative Hpts so I am kinda thinking I am out and it's an anovulatory cycl! However I noticed you mentioned you had EWCM after ovulation? for the past 3/4 days I have had tons and tons of what I can only describe as EWCM jelly type stuff (sorry tmi) and have never had anything like this in my life not even when I do ovulate. I never get this before AF is due and am just wondering what exactly it was that you had? When did you have this EWCM and how many days late were you before you got your BFP. I genuinely think I am out but that CM has just thrown me!  Thanks in advance xx

im not exactly sure how many days I was late because I have only had one period since I got the mirena removed. I was on cd40 when I got a bfp. I suspected that my af should have been between cd28-cd34 somewhere. i had average length cycles before the mirena. I took several test beginning a couple of weeks after ovulation and didn't get the faintest line until Cd40. Even yesterday I tested on a frer and the line had gotten darker but still not as dark as i would had thought. I can def tell I'm pregnant now though so I'm not worried about it not being extremely dark yet especially since it took me so long just to get a bfp. I think the ttc boards make it seem like most women can get a BFP very early when in reality, there are probably many women like me as well who don't until later on. My dr said it's very normal to take as long as it did me to get a BFP. Anyways back on track to ur question lol, I just don't want u to give up hope til af shows! The EWCM that I noticed was exactly one week after ovulation And only lastEd one day. I did have a lot of cm through the rest of the wait and could have possibly had EWCM that I didn't notice. I def noticed that I stayed "wet" the whole time and still currently. Just like everything else, we all react differently so hopefully it's a good sign that you are still having cm and havent dried up like they say u r typically supposed to do before af! Also, what hpts r u using? I kept using clear blue and frer thinking they would show up sooner but low and behold, the first positive I got was on a dollar store test, then I went out the same day and got two Walmart cheapies, a frer and two more dollar store tests. I took a few more that same day and the frer was by far the faintest out of them all!

Thank you for your reply it really helps. I had the EWCM for a few days really so it doesn't look like it will turn out BFP for me. Still waiting on the witch though! I have used frer, cheapie X and clear blue so I defo must be out this month. upset that my body has totally tricked me this month, how cruel it can be eh! Oh well I wish af would just come now so I can start my last round of clomid!! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you have a stress free chilled pregnancy xxx

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