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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I got my BFP at 7DPO (I know, crazy early!) during our 4th month TTC. We used Pre-Seed for the first time this cycle...and it seemed to do the trick!

1DPO - Nothing
2DPO - Heavy bloating, light AF type cramping and heavy/painful breasts
3DPO - Noticing acne, which I never get until I'm very close to AF
4DPO - Had a dizzy spell which was my first clue that I might be pregnant and then went running and felt extremely tired (I'm an avid runner so this was unusual)
5DPO- Gums bleeding after brushing my teeth and my teeth hurt all day, felting pain/burning sensation in nipples
6DPO - Woke up in the middle of the night and felt sick to my stomach and could not fall back asleep (this is very rare for me, I ALWAYS sleep through the night), had AF type cramping all day, and light nausea
7DPO - Very faint pos on FRER in the AM and a bit of a darker pos on FRER in the afternoon (couldn't believe it showed so early!) Also, I was burping a lot all day, which was odd for me
8DPO - Positive on Clear Blue Digital!

I cannot believe I got a BFP so early! I am a twin, so maybe twins? Who knows!

Also something else we did differently this cycle (in addition to Pre-Seed) was start BDing earlier than 10 days after day one of AF, we started on day 8 and continued every other (day 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18).


Did your ovulation test tell you when you ovulated? What test do you use? I'm pretty sure I ovulated day 9 of my cycle (due to temps) but I hadn't started using OPKs yet so I really have no clue. I didn't realize you could ovulate so early but I think that's why I haven't been getting pregnant.

Yes! I used ovulation tests and it didn't say I ovulated early but we started early just in case.

That is super early! Now I want to test starting tomorrow which is 7 DPO for me... so much for holding out!

I am 7 dpo today am I'm sure I am preg. This going to sound gross but. This morning when I bd it was more slimy and I was less sensitive then I knew this is it! I don't know if there is anyone else who had the same feeling

When your OPK turns positive, it means you can ovulate any time within the next 12-48 hours, so you shouldn't use the day of your positive OPK as ovulation day. It's impossible to get a positive HPT on 7DPO because it takes 6-12 days from the day of ovulation for implantation to occur, and another 3-4 days for the HCG to register positive on an HPT. It's more likely that you are a little off on your days and you're more like 9DPO rather than 7. Unless you chart your BBT, it's impossible to know the exact day of ovulation which is why lots of women choose to use BBT. OPKs can give you a window but not a definitive day. Congrats! Most women I know that conceived twins had morning sickness immediately following their BFPs, and also had a positive HPT early so it is a definite possibility considering you're also a twin.

I got a bfp at 7dpo a squinter but it was there. So yes it is possible and I'm not carrying twins. I used opks and I know when I ovulated. ;)

i ovulated on CD 16 with out a doubt it was confirmed with digital OPK test and BBT i got my BFP on a digital HPT on CD 23 i tested everyday before with an HPT and it was completely negative until CD 23 so i wasn't already pregnant so it is possible I'm now on CD 27 and still getting positives don't know if it is twins or not but many people in my family have had multiple sets of twins we will see im just happy to be pregnant and pray that no matter what he/she is just healthy :D

I confirmed ovulation with BBT on cd16 and got my bfp on 7dpo so it is possible. Every women is different and hcg levels increase at different rates so don't go off what other people say. Chart your BBT and use a opk and you'll have more chance of knowing for sure :) x

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