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BFP at 8dpo after 3 years TTC & 2 miscarriages

So happy to be able to say DH and I are expecting baby no.1 after 3 years of TTC and 2 miscarriages.
DH was diagnosed with a grade 3 varicocele in February, had embolism surgery in April and here we are 2 months later with our BFP.
Wanted to leave my story for anyone out there who might be struggling with infertility or who might have suffered a loss, hope is still there!
So here is my dpo info for you.
Day before O day and O day we BD, my first 2 pregnancies happened by doing this.
Ovulation was particularly 'strong' this cycle, cramps and EWCM abundant.
1-6dpo - I usually feel hopeful every cycle but this time I felt something had happened as my nipples were only sore on O day and usually they stay sore until at least 5-8dpo.
7dpo - Mild twingy cramps started.
8dpo - I decided to test as I had had some funny twingy cramps low down 7dpo and 8dpo and up popped a faint positive! My previous two BFPs didn't show up until 10dpo and we're much fainter. The cramps carried on until about 9/10dpo and then stopped. Now my uterus just feels a little bit strained when I stretch.
11dpo - Took the test I have pictured.
12dpo - Boobs started to hurt a little.
Praying for a sticky baby!
Good luck ladies.


congrats mama,much love and blessings... H&H 9 months.I'm on 11th year TTC and still waiting. 1 miscarriage and have PCOS.Maybe its time to quit,I feel that its not what God wanted for me. 

I'm so sorry to hear you have TTC for so long, have you had any treatment? Thank you for the blessing.

Congratulations! How wonderful. If you don't mind sharing, what was your husbands sperm count before the surgery? We are considering surgery for my husband, too.

I have been on Metformin + Clomid,however I get very bad thrush with Clomid.I do not have a weight problem at all,and AF is clock work,just excessive hair growth and acne. I am really feeling defeated. I feel like I am failing my DH,and just robbing him of being a dad.(He has 2 girls from prev marriage) I have asked him to leave me and find a "real" woman,he has refused and loves and supports me. I am such an emotional wreck. Thank you for listening.

Hi Lorah. DH sperm count was good at 22 but motility was only 18% and morphology 2%. He's going for a retest on 2nd August to double check if it has improved, it's only been just over 2 months since his surgery at the moment. My DH would certainly recommend surgery, it was very quick and painless and he was back to work the next day feeling absolutely fine. Anything is worth a chance!

Never think that of yourself Lorna, goodness me. The world punishes us enough, you should never punish yourself too. Do you have IVF options?

Thanks for the kind words,I feel comforted somehow. IVF is an option,however our insurance does not cover it,and it is very expensive in my country. Lorah,I wish everything works out for you xoxo :) 

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