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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP at 9dpo

Hello, my husband and I have been trying for 3 mths when I took a test this morning and to my total disbelief, it was positive.  I am 9 dpo, so the only reason why I took the test is because I have an annual this morning and thought I should test.  It's not even a faint, it's a positive!  Here are my ttw symptoms.  Also, I "felt" more pregnant the other two months.  In fact, I had every symptoms you could have!
We bd cd9-15. we used preseed for the 1st time on most of these days
Cd14 and 15 positive opk
O day- Cd 15. Went to the Doctor because I thought I had a UTI. culture came back negative but she thinks I flushed it out with how much water I drank the night before.
1-2 dpo  Nothing bbt 97.45
3 dpo- Really tired. Took a nap bbt 97.6
4-dpo- The slightest ache in my breasts. This is normal for me but its is usually more painful bbt 97.58
5 dpo- Breasts are now tender but not to touch or stimulus. The ache just affects my nipple bbt 97.45
6 dpo- Tender breasts to touch on sides and around nipple. I had two regular bowel movements within 3 hours. I usually just have 1/day bbt 97.6
7 dpo- Tender breasts to touch only. Really tired, took a nap. Cramps that felt more "heavy" than pain, struggled to to awake after nap. bbt 97.73
8 dpo- Tender breasts, diarrhea bbt 98.2. Struggled to stay awake at dinner
9dpo- BFP! bbt 97.73
Something to mention too, I have had the crappiest sleep this week.  I wake up every hour.  I have never had an insomnia problem before.  I saw a triphasic pattern on my bbt but didn't get too excited because I never had the 3 hours of consecutive sleep it requires.
I have a 10 day luteal phase, so we will see if my ob/gyn wants to do progesterone or leave it alone today at my appt.  It was so heartbreaking to get those BFN. We are so blessed and I hope those who are still waiting get their BFP soon! Good Luck.


thanks for sharing your bbt temp.. i was worried wth my temps being that low. i noticed other charts with such high temps after ovuation (up in the 98's) while mine stays at 97.4.   CONGRATS to you Hun...


Thanks! Actually I just took a digital and it said pregnant it must be true! I was worried about that myself. My doctor today said no to progesterone, so lets hope this works out! You will get it, I hope it is sooner rather than later for you!

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