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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I like many people have been reading all of the bfp stories on here for the last 4 months of ttc and I found them very helpful! So I wanted to share my story and hope it helps someone reading!

- I stopped my birth control pill in April (had been on for over 10 years constantly)
- My cycle went from 35days (April) 23days (May) 33days (June) so it was not regular since stopping bc
- In total I got bfp on 4th cycle off birth control
- We are both in our mid 20's

What I did differently this month:
- Vitex 1000 every morning
- SMEP method (BD - CD 6,8,10,12,13,14,15,16,20)
- Started OPK CD10. Got clear positive CD14
- Stopped working out intensly - just did walking everyday - no more running or weights etc...

- Literally not one symptom - absolutely nothing!!
- Yes a little cramping, and the odd night felt a little tired but absolutely nothing more noticeable then any other two week period of my life even when I was still on the pill (don't we all have nights that we are overly tired or a lil bloated!). Basically no symptoms that would in anyway stand out or that I could even now after bfp attribute confidently to being pregnant.


Thanks for your post tomorrow I will be 9DPO and I have NO symptoms @ all and I'm a little scared I will not get my BFP positive!!! So I got a smile when I ready you had no symptoms!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Just wanted to say from reading this it has made me a little more hopeful. I also stopped BC in May and had been on this for over 10 years and my cycle went to 35 days then 37 days and now im on my 3rd month tcc and in my tww. I also usually excercise a few days a week about an hour at a time which includes a fair bit of running but decided not to in this two week wait, terrified of anything having an effect. I am 7dpo and no symptons at all only couple of slight cramp/twinges which I get every month but nothing whatsoever and we always read a lot from people and their symptons so its good to read you had none whatsoever! Congrats on your bfp to I can't imagine how you must feel! xx

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