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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP - at FIFTY ! read that right! Had our first daughter at (almost) 42 - The "old-fashioned way" - no IVF or ART at all !
Yes, I am aware of "what could happen" but, I'm in fairly good health (well-controlled diabetes) I don't smoke or drink. Our daughter turned out just fine - she's nine now .

Symptoms started at 3DPO (unusual for me!)

I ovulated later than usual -usually 'right on time' -cycle day 14 - this time, it was about cd twenty
started feeling 'flushed' about 3 DPO . Had to 'go' more often. EXCESSIVE saliva !

Other than those - pretty much nothing. Also unusual for me as, normally the DAY after O, my nipples get SORE, and stay that way until af shows up. This time, they didn't !

Look...if a *MIRACLE* can happen for ME , it can happen for YOU, too ! *BLESSINGS*

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This is awesome, congrats! :) 

Had your cycles been changing at all? I'm 43 and they're around the same time apart, say, 25 to 28 days, but anywhere from 1 day to 4, and the amount is lessening. 

I'm afraid I'm approaching menopause and am frustrated. We've been ttc for a year. 

One cycle in November I had a chemical pregnancy bc my lining was too thin for implantation :( 

Congratulations!!! Safe and happy 9 months!!

You have given me the inspiration to keep trying! :) I had my first baby at 44 (delivered a couple weeks before my 45th birthday) and he is now 3 1/2. I've tried eveything on my own and feel like I'm running out of time .... and good eggs. I feel that giving up diary was a big part of my success the first time around but have yet for it to work for me again. I've tried it all: no dairy, no wheat, no grain, supplements, temps/perfect timing, blah blah blah. My hair has been falling out ever since I had our son, which I understand can happen to most women after they have a baby. I'm taking Metagenics Prenatatals and Nutrawest thyroid and adrenal supplements, although my OB Gyn tested my thyroid and it was normal. I'm not sure if it is or not, as I feel the supplements do make me feel better. Anyway.... that's my story.

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