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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP baby#2!

I love this website and reading about people's journeys to get their BFPs. I was very lucky to fall pregnant on the second cycle we tried, using OPKs. I'm now six weeks pregnant. Here's my BFP by DPO story.... BD'd on cd15 & 17. O day (cd18) - bad skin! Some stringy cm a bit like ewcm. O pains on left side. Sex drive went right down (from v high!) 1 dpo - nothing really. Tired but I am a full-time mother to a toddler so that could be why! Cm has completely dried up. Bloated, have to undo my flies! 2 dpo - headache. Exhaustion. Wet feeling in underwear. Boobs feel heavy. Small amount of ewcm in my underwear - kinda weird? And again before bed but realised it’s more like snot (sorry!) which I’m sure I’ve read somewhere! 3 dpo - grumpy & feel really angry! 4 dpo - DS is unwell and I'm sleep-deprived so not a great day! Breakout of spots (not like me). Feel generally run down! Creamy cm. 5 dpo - nothing really. V tired but, again, could be from looking after sick DS? 6 dpo - Ok this is certainly the first day I’ve felt proper symptoms...... Head rush when I got up a couple of times. Shooting pains in vagina for a few seconds! Really startling. Increased sex drive - warm feeling down there ;) Feel a little nauseous and bloated. Cervix feels v soft & low (whatever that means!) and I had some light cramping - especially on the left side and lower back. Really tired and was exhausted last night. I have a stuffy nose which I definitely had when pregnant with DS! Woke in the night and found it hard to get back to sleep, head felt busy. 7dpo - More spots :( Went out for breakfast and couldn’t finish (rare for me), eggs & smoked salmon made me feel sick. 8dpo - Morning coffee made my heart race. Normally I can't get by without it! Got bad car sickness (nausea). Ok so I don’t know if it’s the humidity, my general tiredness or what but I feel quite nauseous and tired and earlier had a bit of an achey feeling on the side of my boobs. My appetite has gone down and I've weirdly gone off eggs. Leg are a bit achey. Nasty taste in my mouth. 9dpo - BFN first thing in the morning. I feel like AF is coming! Dull ache down there. Feels like if I wipe there will be blood. Thought I felt it flow down when I was in the kitchen, but it was a false alarm... Again don’t want my daily coffee which is unusual... yesterday it made me feel wired and didn’t taste so good. Keep thinking AF has come but it hasn’t... feel wet! Light cramping on/off all day. I don't usually cramp this much before AF. 10dpo - Another night not getting enough sleep so I feel tired. Also feel kind of 'tingly' down there... Boobs feel totally normal. Later that day - Fast HR, almost like palpitations. Very strange. I read that this can be a early pregnancy symptom. Took a test.... FAINT BFP!!!!!!! Didn’t see it at first - had to compare with yesterday’s BFN and then saw it!!! So happy!!! Feel hot and clammy. Tired and almost hungover (even though I've not drunk). Bad taste in my mouth all day. Bit metallic I guess. 11dpo - Feel really hot waking up, almost sick. Had vivid dreams. Need to take it easy. My morning tea made my heart race. No more caffeine for me!!! Listen to your body. Feel calm and happy :) Cheapy test used with second urine (didn’t have any tests for first...) - faint BFP again! Really tired today and have lower back ache. Had to have my flies undone all day as my jeans feel tight! Boobs are a little sore. Feel dizzy if I rush around too much... 12dpo - faint BFP again! Slightly darker... I’ll get a digital test today!! Felt a little flow of something which felt like my period! But it was creamy cm.... Did a clearblue digital test and it came up 'PREGNANT, 2-3 weeks' :) :) :) So happy! Looking back, the main symptoms I had that made me think i was pregnant were the increased heart rate, bad skin and feeling very hot and a bit dizzy when I did something too quickly. Also I had terrible mouth ulcers which I get when I'm run down, even though I was getting lots of sleep. At 6 weeks now I've basically got no symptoms except a bit of a dodgy stomach and I get tired when walking for too long... GL everyone on your TTC journeys and babydust to you all xxxxx

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