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Bfp but no baby yet

I have a 20 years old son, had a few abortions in my 20ths, but as I got older wanted another child. Conceived at 41 but the pregnancy had to be terminated as the baby had trisomy. I conceived at 42 again but that one was a missed miscariage at 10 weeks, then again bfp but no heartbeat and miscariage at 7 weeks. Since then I had 3 chemical pregnancies, done all the checks with no obvious cause found apart from my age. My partner's Sperm test shows bad morghology of 2%, I don't know could this be a reason for my miscariages? I am 43 now and feel so sad and heartbroken, sometimes I feel like stop trying,but I want a child so much... If anyone can give me any advice on checks or anything that I could try?
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Have blood work done to see if you are deficient in vitamins. Sometimes this us a forgotten factor.

I think that basic medical tests are good and helpful, but the mind is also powerful. Check out Fertile Female, a book that really changed the way I've been thinking about this whole ttc.

A FEW don't deserve another child.

Give up. Please. You don't deserve another baby. I would NEVER abort a baby if I could have one. Even with trisomy, a baby deserves a chance to be born and loved. Ugh.

Oh wow get a life people this isn't a place to judge!

Lane and Angry, gtfo. I'm so glad that YOU would NEVER choose to end a pregnancy, even for medical reasons. But this isn't about you. The wonderful thing about this world is that YOU don't get to make medical decisions for people you don't know. OP, I recommend you talk with a medical professional. Tat is the best place to start.

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