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BFP, but still cautious!

Hello ladies!! I don't even know what to say! I'm in shock, but allow me to introduce myself. I'm 30, dh is 31. We've been married forever (10+ years) and have always wanted children. We enjoyed life together all these years but started planning for children a couple years ago. As is normally the case, things got in the way, so it was always put on hold. Two years ago, I got a new job; one year ago, we actively tried for one month, no bfp. Then a month later, dh gets sent overseas for work. I joined him and got a new job, so now we're semi-permanently abroad. Again, we put our plans on hold! I should note that I have very irregular periods, ranging from 33-60 days!!! I started feeling like I will never get pregnant. For a couple months we were in a "not preventing" stage, but really I wasn't ready - being in a brand new city/country with a new job, learning a new language. He's been insanely busy, so we haven't been dtd often. As chance would have it, one weekend, we dtd twice. I started using Diva Cups for menstruation, and heard it's good after sex to prevent leakage (which I hate!!), so I used this after each bd. This might have helped?! The following week at a wedding, I got the worst yeast infection!! I looked up causes, and one of them was "pregnancy" I thought NO WAY! And really didn't think much of it, in fact I ignored it for a week. But man it was bad!! Anyway, today, now 2 weeks after dtd (appx 15-16 DPO), I'm sitting here kinda driving myself crazy, feeling bloating, very tired, crampy, thinking of the significance of the yeast infection. These could be AF signs though right? I went out and got a preg test, but it's in this other language, so I'm just winging it. I decide, I'll take this tonight, and if it's negative I'll have a drink! My urine wasn't concentrated, definitely not the first of the day, but I did it anyway. I look after 1 minute, with nothing. I convince myself it's not going to happen. Four minutes later I saw a faint line, and I wanted to faint. I'm not reacting as I thought I would. I thought I would be jumping and crying for joy, but I think I'm in shock! I've been wanting children my whole life, and especially now more than ever to have them with my husband whom I love. I'm just so relieved that I am able to conceive, even if it doesn't stick. But I hope it does!! It's is funny how it could very well happen when you least expect it. Keep you chin up and BABY DUST to all!!
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