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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfp by blood test! At 13dpo

Thank for keeping me sane, everyone. Here is my contribution. This is to all the girls who didn't get their smooth sailing positives! So opk went 'smiley' the pm 25th may and stayed 'smiley' again until am 26th may. Husband was away and only came back the 26th and 27th may so only managed to BD those days. The last time before then, was the 22nd, but I think that was too early. Anyway..... The dpos: 1dpo sensitive boobs & lots of cm 2dpo " 3dpo " less cm 4dpo " less cm and a little cramping. Stuffy nose. 5dpo left side cramping more - bbs hurt little bit, thirsty or sore throat? No cm 6dpo am no cramps, still sore throat. Cramping pm, a bit. Very thirsty! Sore throat. 7dpo a bit dizzy and nauseous, ewcm is back. Smell aversions. First clue? Am could be my imagination but I thought I felt twinges on my right side. Felt them again a little later. 8dpo -ve ultra early/sensitive test (i think I'm out) lots of ewcm still. 9dpo test -ve I had a very sharp cramp at one time in pm! Felt like AF was on her way. 10dpo I have a full blown cold :( sick. Bbs still slightly sensitive. But I have no more cramps that I've noticed. Less cm. I think it's over. 11dpo... Extremely faint line/or evap line. As so late I'm thinking evap line. :( horrible tease! Still sensitive boobs which is weird considering period is so close.. Pink on tissue late pm. 12dpo -ve digi clear blue 4 days early one, am. Still sore bbs tho. Faint positive again on a strip test or another evap?! Afternoon. Cramping on and off pm. Pm tiniest amount of brown cm.. Like a few mm wide in circumference. Uterus feels very irritable/achey with a lot of pressure. 13dpo lots of cm and cramping am... More brown tinges in cm. took another pregnancy test at 1:45pm with a centimeter of urine as I'd gone before work. Ultra sensitive test (10miu/ml) came back with a line within the time frame but very faint again. 3 hours later CB -/+ digital (25miu/ml) says negative. Cramps have subsided a bit after bath. I suspect a chemical pregnancy? Officially gone crazy ... So I go for a blood test pm. Results come back with 46 miu/ml hCG in my blood!!! So officially pregnant. So maybe I implanted late (12dpo)? And my kidneys haven't filtered enough out in my urine to be picked up by tests? God knows il keep checking it but hay... I'm pregnant! Xxx baby dust to you all x


congrats :)  

Thank you, I just hope its healthy and sticks. I'm going for another hcg test tomorrow.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! hi all you beautiful ladies out there who are hoping to be mommy...first and foremost we have to be positive at every step in the pregnancy journey!  Am from India and like any other woman facing infertility facing the same.. Am a PCOD and is on Metformin from last so many years...after trying naturally...we finally decided to go to a Gynecologist at an infertility centre and started everything from last year August '2015. N number of tests, including boold, urine, thyroid. then HSG, PAP Smear everything...all the tests were perfect and abnormalities...husband's tests were also perfect.... PCT was fair....tried again normally with Femara and HUCOG 5000(HCG Shot) for 3 luck!.....then we decided to went for our first IUI last month. started my cycle on 16th May 2016...femara from 2nd-5th day twice a day 2.5 mg. then waited for ovulation with ultrasound sitting in every alternate fixed a date of IUI on 13th to 15th Day. Asked for a HUCOG (HCG) trigger shot of 10000 on 13th day and ovulated on 15th day....had my IUI on 15th day on 30th of May.....with good numbers of 94% motile sperms with my husband and two mature follicles with 22 & 19 size .....then doctor precribed me metformin, MCBM 69, and other medicine along with 400 MG progestrone suppository from 31st May till 11th June twice a day.... then on 1st June she prescribed me 2000 HUCOG shot and again on 5th June... this wait is difficult to  handle....and also this HCG shots made me bit crazy...i had slight searing pain in lower abdomen and vaginal area....absolutly no idea what is going on.....i feel tired all the on my 11th Day PIUI....and the symptoms are not at all new...feel the same as if nothing has hppened and sudden feeling of leg pain and back pain and tiredness....tiredness feeling is there before having periods ......i really want to go for UPT but i know will get fake results because of the HCG will wait till the entire HCG will be out of my system...probably by 15th.....i don't want to have my periods this my due date is 16th....and i really want to see a BFP in my UPT.....can't wait for one more week...hope this waiting will bring happiness to me....lots of baby dust to me and my fellow ladies trying to concieve!!!  BE POSITIVE AND BE HOPEFUL! 

Not sure this bean's going to stick ... 16dpo hcg was only 67.88 :/

Did you get it tested takes 48hours to dubble.

So did the bean stick?? Please update! I have similar symtoms and I'm hopeful that your baby is healthy and growing!! 

i know it's such a long time ago, sorry this update is late. But no it didn't stick. Got pregnant again a few months later, but even after finding a heartbeat it also failed and had to have an ERPC at 9 weeks, which was horrific.. I've been having a break for a while but we'll try and conceive in a couple of months, again..

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