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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by DPO. 8 DPO with Walmart 88 cent test

TTC #1 Cycle #5 I'm having a baby!!! Happy but still crying off and on and boyfriend is too. We are scared and shocked and happy. BFP 8 dpo. My cycles are mostly 31 days. But once in awhile are 29 or 30 days. My ovulation window was July 1-5. We BD on July 1 and 3. Clear Blue ovulation test gave me a smiley face July 3rd. At 4:00-4:30am on July 4th I felt what I thought was ovulation pain, but who knows. I just knew our BD timing was right and there was a good chance this cycle. DPO 1-2 nothing DPO 3 Depersonalization for a few hours. Like conscious of myself as if looking at myself through someone else's eyes, but at peace. This is what it made me feel like I "knew". DPO 4, Overwhelming sense of calm, peace, while at stressful work! DPO 5, light hurt my eyes horribly DPO 6, Headache. Intense lovey/cuddly feeling of happiness towards my boyfriend. I googled if this was a sign, but all I could find was that anger is a sign! So i brushed it off as not a sign. Also on DPO 6 i had school glue CM, creamy CM, and EGCM all in the same day mixed with each other! The EWCM was a dime size jelly bit and it was brown tinged. Never had EWCM after ovulation and never this much CM in general days after ovulation. DPO 7 My boobs were sore. Never in my life have my boobs hurt. This made me 95% sure I was pregnant. DPO 8. I tested, even though it seems so early. But I thought, if I'm already having physical symptoms like boob pain then that means it's already implanted. Walmart 88cent test shows 2 lines at 8DPO FMU. I confirmed it with a FRER digital 1 hr later and got "YES +" Look how dark the line is!! I should have tested earlier! My period isnt due til July 19th CD29, and today is July 12th! DPO 8, right now sore boobs. Alot of soreness in my back and abdomen exactly like a period. Still creamy CM and EWCM. Thirsty, drinking 3x normal amount.


Congrats!!!!! How exciting!!!!!! So we have been ttc for 4 months now. Every single month I get my hopes up just to be let down. I have charted bbt, used opk, and journaled every single symptom. I also use the Ovia app for ttc.  And every month we bd on every fertile day and nothing! This month I found an O chart on It is different than Ovia and showed different fertile days with symptoms I may be having on each day. It is dead on! (Note - I have only a 23 day cycle) CD - 11 - July 10 - O day - had lots of ewcm and some o pain but nothing out of the ordinary for me. CD - 12 - July 11 - 1 dpo - lots of ewcm, restless sleep. CD - 13 - July 12 - 2 dpo - some ewcm, twinges in my right and left side very low. Restless sleep, back ache, head ache. CD - 14 - July 13 - 3 dpo - school glue cm, twinges in my right and left side alternating, cramps, heavy feeling, pressure very low. Restless sleep, back ache. Super Moody! Stuffy Nose and super tired. CD - 15 - July 14 - 4 dpo - school glue cm, still having the twinges in both sides, cramps, heavy pressure type feeling very low.Restless sleep, back ache. Super Moody!! Stuffy nose and super tired. TOday I am thirstier than usual. I am trying so hard not to read into any of this because I know it is too early. Every month I get my hopes up and then BAM -- AF! This month is different though. I have never had these constant cramps, back ache and low twinges. I am never moody like this -- I have cried over something DH said or didn't say every day since O. Can you please shed some light on this for me? Could this finally be my month?

I have a lot of the same symptoms you had. What really caught my attention was the depersonalization, the love dovey feeling and the odd peaceful feeling when i would usually be stressed. This is our first month trying this time around and we're both using fertil aid. I would rather hold off on testing until AF is late. i dont wanna get my hopes up but then again im acting pregnant so i don't smoke. So glad I ran into your post.

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