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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP BY DPO with our second

I've been on this site everyday for the past two weeks. It was such a rollercoaster - some days I knew for sure I was pregnant and some days I thought I was just kidding myself because I didn't feel anything. Here are my symptoms by dpo. I think I O'd between the 9-11th but I cant say for sure because I had no ewcm. BD'd on the 7th, 10th and 11th. (This is our first month "trying" not really trying just thought if it was God's plan it would happen. :) 1-2 DPO: sharp pains in lower abdomen on both sides. Lasted for a little while. 3-4 DPO: extremely constipated and gassy which is unusual for me since I go every morning after my coffee and am never gassy. EXHAUSTED. I fell asleep on the floor of my sons room while playing with him. 5-6 DPO: not much except still gassy. Also should throw in that I had absolutely NO CM this time around.. I thought for sure I wasn't preg because with my first I had ALOT of it. Also still feeling pretty tired and run down 7 DPO: woke up feeling hungover (didn't drink) pulling feeling in lower abdomen, gassy. 8 DPO: had one beer and felt drunk - exhausted I could fall asleep anytime anywhere. Twinges on my sides. I could smell everything. 9 DPO: tested on FRER and BFN - I just felt so out of it this day. Went grocery shopping with my hubby and he kept asking me what was wrong, I couldnt stand for long periods of time bc I felt so dizzy and lightheaded. 10 DPO: woke up with a HUGE migraine - I get them every so often but this one was killer and I ended up going to the hospital. They did a preg test and it came back negative. I told the nurse I thought I might be preg if it was too early to tell and he said their tests are 100% accurate (eye roll, yeah ok) 11 DPO: was pretty at peace with it at this point but I started having AF cramps so I took another test first thing in the morning - BFP!!! Took a second one and another BFP. I will test again tomorrow -hubby and I are saying all the prayers for our little bean. Baby dust to you ladies!!
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I really really wanna get pregnant. Please say a prayer for me. 6dpo today and I just have sore boobs and I'm totally dry down there.then a little cramp on both sides lasts for secs tho..I think my mind is probably playing tricks on me.been TTC since November last year. I'm so depressed.

I definitely will keep my fingers crossed for you! Trust God's timing. Be patient and prayer prayer prayer. Don't get discouraged, your future baby needs you to be healthy physically and mentally! Let me know what happens.

Thank you so much . I feel better. Will definitely let you know when it happens!

@Alicefr12. I finally got my bfp.thanks for ur words of encouragement. Godbless u dear.

@alicefr12.I finally got my bfp. Thanks for ur words of encouragement. Godbless u.

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