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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Me: 40 years old
Hubby: 45 years old
We have a 2 year old and have been trying for 1 year to get pregnant. We tried ovulation kits, 5 cycles of Clomid/hcg and 1 cycle of IUI with Clomid/hcg. I had cysts that were significant between some of the Clomid/hcg cycles and had to rest those months. I also am 35 pounds overweight so was trying to eat healthier at time this worked for me.
Dr believed that my cervix changed with first baby and that hubby's sperm couldn't get passed my cervix so not making anywhere near my uterus/eggs.

Period started, but Dr needs to know the full day of period
Day 5 saw fertility specialist for ultrasound to make sure no cysts before start Clomid
Day 5-9 Clomid 150mg
Day 11 Dr said to have sex
Day 12 saw fertility specialist for ultrasound to make sure I had an egg that was large enough. I only had one egg. I was hoping for two to three and when the Dr. sensed my disappointment she said it only takes one egg to get pregnant.
Day 12 at 10:30pm the Dr had me take HCG 1cc (5000 units)
Day 14 semen collection dropped off at 8am, scheduled for insemination at 10:30am (took less then 5 minutes). Dr. did not have me lie down after procedure and I was on my way. No lubricants, so saliva, keep warm (put in between my breasts to take to facility to keep at body temperature and had to be delivered within 1 hour of collection) Dr. stated to avoid ejaculation for 2-5 days before insemination, but Dr had us have sex on Day 11 before 2nd ultrasound.
Day 15/post IUI day 1 HCG 1/2cc (2500 units)
Day 18/post IUI day 4 HCG 1/2cc (2500 units)-I missed this dose as I left town and forgot to take.
Day 19/post IUI day 5 had a few breakouts on my face, vivid dreams
Day 20/post IUI day 6 had strange twinges only twice but noticeable
Day 21/post IUI day 7 had loose stool, gassy, bloated
Day 22/post IUI day 8 had pressure on anus/vaginal area during day and vivid dreams in the night
Day 23/post IUI day 9 had all of above but could attribute to anything else
Day 24/post IUI day 10 had vivid dreams
Day 25/post IUI day 11 BFP with faint line. Used First Response. According to them this is a positive result but because of IUI Dr. states not to test until day 14 but I couldn't wait.
Day 26/post IUI day 12 BFP positive again. No darker same faint line. Period due. Feel pressure on anus/vaginal area again.
Day 27/post IUI day 13 BFP positive again. Called Dr. and they ordered a blood test and progesterone. Feeling a bit tired by end of day which I usually get a second wind so this is different for me.
Day 28/post IUI day 14 Office called and congratulated me. My numbers HCG is 80 and states normal is 60-100. Will retest 4 days later because of weekend otherwise would have been 2 days later. Tired today, couldn't keep my eyes open and itching around breasts which was what happened with my first pregnancy but no soreness/tenderness to breasts during entire time. After I found out all my symptoms intensified such as loose stools, tightness in abdominal area, itchiness to breasts, different twinges in abdominal area and tired.
Good luck to all of you and I hope this helps.



My Dr says that if you test for hcg anytime before 3 weeks post iui while doing hcg injections its garunteed to come up positive. Hopefully that wasn't te case for you. Congrats.

Katie~ Are u talking about hcg urine test or blood hcg quant test? Bc mine gave me a lab slip to test blood for 14 days post iui.

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