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BFP by TIG (Things I Googled)

Yesterday was the best day of my life. TTC for 14 long months with no luck. Until a wet and dreary Monday morning turned into a day I will never forget. Beyond happy to be sharing my story and wish all of you all the luck in the world with your journey. It can feel so lonely at times, the not knowing if it will ever happen can drive you mad. It helped me to know that I was in the company of TWW friends. Sorry this is long - hope it doesn't bore you! Me, 33, always had brown spotting from CD22 to CD29 followed by AF. FSH 9 ("borderline high"), AMH 9.4. Him, 33, two SAs low motility on one, the other was fine. Love of my life since 1995 (we sat next to each other in maths). No prior pregnancies. Started TTC Dec 2012. Tried for six months and nothing, so spent the next 6 months having blood tests, HSG etc and trying to get a referral to the Assisted Conception Unit. No one (GP, nurses etc) were concerned about my spotting. Finally got to see a consultant in Nov 2013 and he listened about my spotting and immediately said 'that's not normal'. He booked me in for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Operated on 19th Dec (CD20), 2 and a half hours spent treating severe endo - including on the surface of both ovaries. Doc hopeful I'd conceive naturally within 4-6 months. That hope made me cry because it gave me mine back. We started trying again as soon as my next ovulation time came around. My CD dates were a bit off because I bled quite a bit after surgery and this went on through my next AF. I counted 28th Dec as CD1. Things that were different this month: didn't notice my usual EWCM, nipples didn't get sore around O day, boobs didn't feel fuller until much later in my cycle. BFP by TIG CD1-20 - How long did it take for a BFP after laparoscopy & treatment for severe endo? - Endo on ovary surfaces and effect on ovulation - Pregnant after endo treatment - Window for pregnancy following endo diathermal ablation And so on. CD 22 [Well, no spotting - this is good news! The treatment must have worked! When will I O next cycle?] CD 24 - Metal taste in mouth and pregnancy [I'm wondering about this but have had it before] BFN on Boots own test. CD27 - Sore side boobs and pregnancy BFN on CB Digital with conception indicator. [Ahh man. I'm out. This is meant to pick up 4 days before AF is due.. I'm thinking AF is due tomorrow or the next day] CD28 - Can endo treatment cause periods to stop? - Can endo treatment stop ovulation? [Where is AF?! Hubby buys more tests on my request and I say I'll test in a couple of days to avoid that too familiar disappointment. My cycles have been longer than this.] CD 29 - Periods stopping after endo treatment? - Can endo treatment affect periods? [Panicking - is this is another set back!] - Causes of anovulation [Test and get what I think is a BFP squinter!!! Don't wake hubby as can't get excited over what looks like a smudge! Test again, defo some sort of shadow] - Sensitivity of Sainsbury's pregnancy tests? - Evap lines on blue line pregnancy tests - False positives on Sainsbury pregnancy tests [Buy FRER and a pot to pee in. Test in work toilet. There's definitely a faint line!] - First Response sensitivity - Expected due dates if LMP was 28th Dec 2013 [Get home and test on another CB Digi - BFP 1-2 weeks!! Instigate playful argument about whose turn it is to cook. Mine apparently. 'But how will I grow baby with no dinner?'. I handed him the test and we laughed and cried a little bit. And here we are. Happy, scared, still Googling everything, hoping and praying our baby stays put. Enjoying our BFP and taking things one day at a time. Baby dust to you all :) Don't give up.


Congratulations!!! Wishing you a H&H 9 months. I thought that was pretty cool how you wrote out everything.

Haha awesome!

wow, what a lovely story wishing you all the best for the next 9 months :) hope this happens for me soon been TTC for 18 months so frustrating at times.

Thank you :) Wishing you all the best too.

This was my post but I mc. How do I delete it? I find it upsetting. Still ttc. Thank you.

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