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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP!!! Can't believe it!!!

So have been ttc for 10 yrs and nothing. IVF was the only way to go and I wasn't gonna get any help on the NHS so I decided to go abroad. Chose Klinikk Hausken in Notway and today got my BFP! Amazing!!!
2dp2dt - twinges, sneezing, bloated, gassy
3dp2dt - twinges, strange shooting pains in legs and arms, tender boobs, sneezing
4dp2dt - cramping, back ache, hungry, feel really hot, tender boobs, sneezing
5dp2dt - twinges in left side, back ache, tender boobs, feel hot
6dp2dt - as above, prickly sensation on and off. Strong af like pains bedtime. Hot then cold then hot again.
7dp2dt - strong twinges in centre and centre right. Back ache. Heightened sense of smell?
8dp2dt - heightened sense of smell, prickly pains, cats VERY attentive, pain in chest right side, strong twinges in evening, shooting pains from tummy to vagina.
9dp2dt - feel like I'm getting a cold, throat aches and nose is running (could be hayfever). Pain still in chest, niggly prickly pains in tummy still, quite loose BM in am. Headache. Faint positive on HPT
10dp2dt - niggly pains, feel nauseous in am. Headache. Pain in chest. Feel really hot. Hungry
11dp2dt - nauseous but hungry, sharp pain in right ovary area, heavy chest pain right side (pulled muscle again)
12dp2dt - sharp pains in tummy, pain in chest like a stitch, nauseous in morning but hungry, tested pm - BFP!!!



Congratuations!!! I have a few friends who went international for IVF too... Did you have to stay in Norway for the whole month?  Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

Congrats!  A very well deserved BFP!! HH9 :)

Such wonderful news after 10 years TTC! Huge congrats!

R u experience Lower Back ache or upper back ache?

R u experience Lower Back ache or upper back ache?

Congratulations dear!!!

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