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BFP - clear blue digital - first time momma!

So excited to be posting a bfp story - these stories really kept me going through the last 6 months of TTC! I am 27 and partner 44 - this will be our first baby together! I work away a lot so BD'ing at the right time has been tricky! This is the first cycle that I relaxed, stopped using Ovia and taking supplements - I did this after reading so many bfp stories where the couple had both just relaxed and let it happen - which thankfully worked for me too :) I actually assumed we had BD at the wrong time so thought i was out this month! Cycle length - 29 days Last period start date - 27 June 2017 CD 10 - EWCM CD 11 - EWCM - BD CD 12 - BD ( i think I ovulated this day because EWCM had disappeared by lunchtime) 1dpo - BD 2-4dpo - nothing. I had lotiony white CM which seemed a little stickier than usual but not totally out of the ordinary for me 5dpo - woke up with a cold sore and a really bad mouth ulcer. I haven't had a cold sore in over a year and usually get them when run down. Odd because I don't feel unwell or especially tired. This was my first suspicion. 6dpo - woke up with another cold sore!! Two back to back! 7dpo - bloated. Lotiony white cm 8dpo - I was bloated and a bit gassy but this is not unusual for me before period. cm remained lotiony white - cramps lower right lasting only 30seconds or so (implantation?) 9dpo - Sore boobs - I always get sore boobs before period but oddly they were only sore down the sides?! Felt faint during gym class at lunchtime 10dpo - v sore boobs and they felt fuller in my bra. Felt a little faint on train into work 11dpo - Woke up at 5am wide awake and remembered I had a digi left from last cycle annnnd BFP - Pregnant 1-2weeks! waaaa so incredible to see those words!!!!! Still in shock and not sure what to do with myself! Good luck to all TTC and hang in there!!!


CONGRATS! Our cycles are just about the same. I too am on a 29 day cycle, My period's last start date was a day before yours on 6/26. I'm having 'symptoms' that I have not normally experienced before (like A LOT of cm) which I'm usually dry before AF--which isn't due until next week. So your story makes me super hopeful <3 I have resisted the urge to test as I only have one FRER test left, and I've been avoiding POAS because I'm being cheap and don't want to buy more lol ;) Keep your fingers crossed for me! Congrats Again!! <3

Thank you so much! I am having lots more CM again today so that sounds very positive! I was shocked to get a clear blue digi result so soon - are you 11dpo today? Always better to hold out but I just couldn't resist!! What other symptoms are you having? Fingers crossed for a bfp for you too!!

Thank you so much! I am having lots more CM again today so that sounds very positive! I was shocked to get a clear blue digi result so soon - are you 11dpo today? Always better to hold out but I just couldn't resist!! What other symptoms are you having? Fingers crossed for a bfp for you too!!

:) Yes girl, keep your FX. I feel really good about this month, but our bodies have a way of throwing us off every cycle so I'm trying SO DANG HARD not to get my hopes/excitement up too much. I think I O'd on the 10th, but possibly as late as the 11th. So that would make me 9-ish DPO I think. Something like that. I had in all honesty trying not to pay too much attention but then Sunday I was fatigued all day, and really gassy! LOL Which was strange. Didn't think much of it THEN but now I'm like HMMM. Because on Monday I was still so sleepy and girl, I SLEPT the night before, and I was complaining about being sore my husband was like "are you getting sick?" and I said I didn't think so and shrugged it off. At lunch time I came home to let the dog out and was sitting on the porch while she did her thing and I FELL ASLEEP! What.the.hell. I am not a napper so that's strange. The CM is the part that's really got me wondering if this is my month because I've never experienced this lotiony-looking type of CM before.

Omg I am so excited for you! When are you planning to test? It sounds v promising!! Eeeeek xxxxx

Girl it took everything in me not to test this morning. Still a lot of cm going on up there! (Haha -the things we get excited about when TTC) I only have one test left and I'm being a cheapskate and trying not to use it until day of missed period so that I don't have to buy more cause lord knows I've spent a pretty penny on hpt in the last 6 months. BUT AF isn't due until Monday/Tuesday and damn I dunno if I'll be able to control my curiosity that long! Ahhh

Maybe I hold out until Sunday

Ahhh you're doing so well to told out I would have caved!! I am SO thirsty and have a v dry mouth the last few days. Also v v sore boobs!

Ahhh you're doing so well to hold out I would have caved!! I am SO thirsty and have a v dry mouth the last few days. Also v v sore boobs!

Wellll I might do it in the morning. I was offered a new job and I'm hesitant to take on a new job path if I'm carrying just to avoid stress, but maybe I'm relying on that too much to make up my mind whether to accept the offer or not. AHHH so much going on right now.

I know the feeling - I just accepted and start a new job in a month! Not the best timing! Tomorrow would make you around 11dpo? Is it an FRER? I took two of those today because I got freaked out about the digi somehow having been broken but they both came up with faint but definitely noticeable lines. I think I'm about 13dpo now. I doubt the line would have been barely visible if I had tested at 11dpo. Maybe hold out until Saturday morning if you can!!

Yeah my lone test is a FRER --I feel like I should accept or not tomorrow but maybe I can wait until Monday, ahhh I just don't know.

Good morning girl. So I was a dumb dummie and took my test this morning, and I KNEW KNEW KNEW it was too early because at best I'm 11 dpo but I had this dream where I tested positive and I woke up and thought it was real and you can guess I popped out of bed and against my better judgment POAS and negative. BUT! I haven't lost faith because I freakin' know better. I feel like crap today, still a bunch of cm going on & DH says my aereolas look bigger I dunno if that's true or not. SIGH TGIF, I'll hold out until Sunday I think before I try again. How are you feeling?! :)

Definitely hang in there and give it a few days before you test again! I've read so many stories of ladies not showing positive until after AF is due! Exhausted today - I had to have a nana nap in the middle of the day!! Still super excited and super nervous to make sure it's a sticky bean!!! I need to stop reading so many stories and statistics about m/c but I can't help myself!! Xx

Yeah don't do that, lol. Just trust in your body's ability to nourish a healthy and happy baby <3 I dunno if you're into this type of thing but there are guided meditations on youtube for fertility that are only like 5-10 minutes long and they are really helpful and put the mind at ease especially now that you've gotten your bfp it's important to keep the mind positive. So exciting!! I'm going to hold out and cross my fingers extra hard that this is my month. PLEASE LORD! lol

Hey excited <3 My 'symptoms' seemed promising through the rest of the weekend and then I woke up this morning prepared to test to find some bleeding. Not heavy and a day early so I'm confused but heartbroken. I'm so tired of this endless cycle of hope and then let down. SIGH. I'll see what becomes of it but it looks like I'm out. I sat in my bathroom sobbing until it was time to collect myself enough to go to work.

I am so sorry Hun! I know how hard and disheartening it is when AF shows after you feel like it is your month! Hang in there - it will happen and when it does you will be over the moon! Lots of hugs to you xxxx

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