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BFP Finally!

My husband is 38 and I am 37. He has no issues but I am Diabetic, had to clear one blocked tube, hysteroscopy to scrape away two new polyps, have PCOS, hypothyroid issues and I am considered overweight. I eat 900 calories a day but I cannot lose weight unless I eat 500. So I yo yo a lot! My a1c is at 6 but getting better now that my new high risk OB wants my sugar at 85 before meals and 120 2 hours after meals. The egg retrieval resulted in OHSS which took my sugars up to 300's until a week later when I lost the 11 lbs of fluid in my belly!!! So painful but we got 17 frosties so totally worth it! Was told to do a FET because fresh would be too painful. Uh, yeah!!! So 2/28 eggs retrieved and 4/18 we transferred 2 grade "Good" embryos with lots of prayers from us and for us!! Days post transfer or dpo 1-3 no symptoms and I sat still as a mouse hoping not to shake them lose. They said I was to be a couch princess and I took that seriously!! Dpo 4 went to work nervously! Stopped to buy organic pb and fruit. Felt sharp twinge when I bent forward to pick up jar of pb. Thought "uh oh" stopped shopping and went home. Dpo5 saw more clear cm but attributed to progesterone cream and estrace cream but really it just started getting wetter and wetter each day. Sorry tmi. Felt elated and scared to get my hopes up. But convinced it worked. Dpo6 took cheap dollar store test and it was negative. Cried off and on all day at work. Begged RE for early blood test and they refused. They said it was too soon and it would be inconclusive. On the way home I picked up 3 Walmart cheap tests and it came up positive with a barely there faint line. Pulled out of trash the one from the am and it now had a pink line. Cautiously optimistic I felt relief but knew deep down this must be evap lines. Analyzed with friends and pretended it was true and eased my 2ww hell. 7dpo same test with same result but took 5 min to show faint pink. Still thinking cheap n vaporative line. But still felt better living this lie than thinking negatively. 8dpo same test, still light but showed up in 2 mins. Eeek! Could be an accurate cheap inconclusive test. No more symptoms. Doubting its true but not buying a different test. What if it shows negative. Can't bear it! Would rather believe its possible than to freak over a negative fancy digital hpt. Dpo 9-11 vivid crazy dreams and I feel it's due to light sleeping from anticipation that its finall 11 dpo and beta day!!! 1st beta 262.2!!! My jaw dropped! My air trapped in my throat! My mind shuts down and the room feels silent while I tried to even comprehend this reality!!! Had we really gotten this news! Pinch me! If I could move I would do it myself!!! My eyes well up and then I finally text husband our beta. He texted back, what does this # mean??? It's good honey!! It's very good!!! You can believe it! 13 dpo beta 698.6... Wait, what? Still pregnant! Seriously? How could we FINALLY be blessed? God says its time!!! Ttc 3.5 years 9 failed cycles with IUIs! God willing we will get to meet them!!! Possible twins alert!!! Don't give up!! Stay positive even if you have to pretend! Fake it till you make it! Lol


Congratulations! That's a wonderful and inspiring story. I love the advice 'fake it till you make it'. Often we feel we are meant to be rational and not get our hopes up so we don't feel disappointed when AF arrives but either way I always feel miserable at AF. So I'm taking your advice on board. 9DPO today and BFN but gonna keep the smile on my face and in my heart as long as I can....wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months. 

This is a wonderful story. Congratulations to you both. I wish you all the very best. I think your advice is great about staying positive even if you have to pretend. I need to do more of that. 

This is an amazing inspirational story!! Im so happy for you ..congratulations :)

Congrats and I just posted a comment on another persons page....she's 46 and just got a positive out the blue. Her first child. When God say its time it's time....our time isn't always his timing.

I have blocked tubes, and I am wondering will laparscopy will work. I hear that sometimes the tubes don't work the same.

I like how you said 'pretend' to stay positive. That is awesome! I thought I was the only one that does this. I had to read your blog twice!

I just jad a laparscopy to open both ends of my tubes. For some reason both of them had grown closed together resembling a club, instead of being open like normal (resembling a flower) i had no other serious issues. My dr dis remove a small small amount of scar tissue but nothing to seem to be very concerned with. I had the surgery june 9th, so today would be one week and 5 days post surgery. We are hoping and praying that my next cycle we can get a BFP after continuing with TTC but i havent been able to find any simular storys about tubes having to be reopened at the ends (distal) and was wonding id anyone had a sucess story from this situation. God bless you all & best of wishes for all TTC!!

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