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BFP Finally - 3 Days After Missed Period!

So, I never realized the "two week wait" would be so difficult! It was the longest 2-3 weeks of my life! I had given up hope SO many times, and after 3 BFN's, thought I was out of the game. Then finally when I was 3 days late, and decided to take another, expecting to be disappointed again... NOPE! It was a BFP! I kept reading all the 10-14 DPO BFP experiences, and thought I had no chance this month... so this is a good story for those who don't get it right away! Can't believe it, this is our first month trying! Here are my wacky experiences:

Positive OPK on Feb 8th and noticed egg-white CM with brown tint (thought that was weird, normally it's clear). My DPO's may be off a day or so, because I feel like I ovulated 36-48 hours after the LH Surge...

Ovulation: In evening, I had an odd heat sensation (not painful) in my uterus area. Thought I was crazy and that my mind was making it happen
1 DPO - Light brown CM in panties and tissue
2 DPO - Medium brown CM on tissue, was "in the mood" all morning, lol.
4 DPO - Crampy feeling off and on - came and went in my pelvic area. Temporary mild pains in boobs (shooting pains, but not painful). Slight amount of clear CM
5 DPO - Egg-white CM, crampy & bloated feeling, increased hunger
6 DPO - Egg-white CM (thicker than day before)
8DPO - BFN - knew it was too soon, but tried anyhow
9 DPO - Dull cramps off and on
11 DPO - Boobs sore off and on. Dull cramping, more so in evening
12 DPO - Temporary lower back ache, more period-like cramps, no bb soreness except when press with thumbs
14 DPO - Nausea after eating, mostly in morning. Frequent trips to bathroom (may have been from coffee), lower back ache, slightly tender boobs, little bit gassy, and started breaking out a little (acne)
15 DPO - BFN AGAIN (now I am 1 day before my period is due). Light period-like cramps, sore lower back
16 DPO - Period due. Saw 1 little faintly light brown CM, boobs very tender (felt like I had worked out and had sore muscles) and some sharp pains in boobs. Little bit gassy. Very little cramping.
17 DPO - Period 1 day late, slight headache, chills, backache, sick to stomach, breasts very sore and tender again. NO sign of AF
18 DPO (Feb 28th) - Couldn't handle waiting any longer... took a test and BFP! Waited 3 more hours and took another test BFP!


Congrats on your BFP!! That is so exciting!! My hubby and I have been trying for 3 months and I really thought i was prego this month,,very sore bbs and everything..but unfortunately i think af is showing her ugly face :( I have a 29 day cycle and was due to start on the 29 or 1st..started spotting light brown today and i am still holding onto hope that its implantation bleeding even though it is prob af :( I ovulated on the 17th I think so I would be 12dpo today..just was wondering how long your cycles usually are since you got a late BFP...Congrats again!! :)

Thank you so much! It still hasn't fully sunk in. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! I have a pretty strict 30 day cycle. I had never experienced the sore bbs before this month, never got them before AF. Is this something new for you?

Thank you so much! I need all the luck I can get lol,,I have a pretty regular 29 to some time 30 day cycle but it is always the 29th or 30th every month,,except this month it started today the 28th,,I was hoping it was implantation but I think I should face reality its probably not :( I go to the doctor Thursday to have my hormones checked bc from ovulation to my period my bbs have been getting sooo SORE like they are going to fall off body has been tricking me to with twinges cramps sore bbs you name it..cruel joke i think :( I have 2 kids but my youngest is 6 years old..I am 31..hope my eggs are still good,,idk what I am doing wrong :( What do you think about preseed? thought about trying it this month..Thanks again..wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy!!! <3

Your post gives me hope. I am at 14 DPO and still BFN, no sign of AF, lots of symptoms, feeling crazy! Congratulations to you!

Congrats to you!  I'm encouraged that you had EWCM after you ov'd...I was sure I had O'd on the 19th, but then got more EWCM on the  21, 22 and 23.  We BD'd again just incase on the 22 and 23, but I'm worried we may have missed it (DH was out of town the 18th through the 21...and even though we BD'd the 3 days before he left and the 2 days after he got back, I just don't know that it was close enough to my O date).  I have similar symptoms though, so I'm still hopeful.  I wish you a happy 9 months!

Don't know what to do or think as we me ans my fiance have been trying since suposed 3yrs this October but after having a mc end of august 2011 we stopped trying but has still been disheartening each month since with nothing. Now being 3 days late and no ovulation at all this month I don't know what to do as don't want to risk taking a pt test for it to come back negative... Please help me as just don't know what to do any more:-(

Thank you so much for this post. I tested today at 13dpo with second morning urine and got a BFN. I was so disappointed and I even cried. I was just heart broken. AF is due tomorrow so as long as AF hasn't showed, I'm still in the game. My symptoms are very sore boobs and nipples for 4 days straight. This is really odd for me because I get sore boobs before AF every now and then but it usually only last about 2 days and then it stops. If I wake up tomorrow and my boobs are still sore, that'll be 5 straight days. (Warning TMI coming up). I also had a slight yeast infection which started at 10dpo. I find that odd too because I don't usually get yeast infections. I haven't had too much chocolate or wore tight jeans. I didn't take antibiotics and I have great hygiene. The only thing I can think of that can cause the yeast infection is hormonal changes. I read yeast infections are very common early in pregnancy. These two symptoms is what's giving me hope. Today after getting BFN I notice some sharp pains in my uterus. I'm just hoping I have a late BFP like you. This story really gives me hope that there's still a chance. And like you said, so many women getting BFP at 10-14 dpo, we just assumed that if we don't get it at that time we are not going to get pregnant. So not true.

Congrats to everyone. I miscarried in may. Wasnt trying at all & started to feel pregnancy symtops. I tested at 10 dpo and got BFN. The next day I got really dizzy but thought nothing of it. AF was due saturday but she didnt show. I tested again sunday
morning and Got A BFP. Im so excited
nevous & scared. I love this little bean so
much Im praying for a safe delivery!

My cycles are usually 28-35 im on day 31 on my cycle and still nothing i tested on day 30 and got a BFN! We have been trying for 8 months since feburary and i had miscarriage in july. We have been trying ever since i have mild cramping which is not normal because i have really string cramps starting at almost 10 days before AF im sleepy all the time n have high smell sensitivity can i still be pregnant someone please help!

I need some hope right now! 14 dpo bfn! Having af like cramping(very mild). I have had all the symptoms like I'm pregnsnt! I'm freaking out! This tww is horrible! Expecting af to arrive this friday! Am I still in the game?

I too am seriously excited by your post. I will be at tje end of my tww tomorrow, but not testing until the nrxt day when, HOPEFULLY, af DOES NOT show as calculated. I have sore to the touch boobs since 7dpo, lots of cm and hoping the extreme irritability and emotional coasters are all because of baby #2!! :D My son is 7, a January baby I had to plan out my o day to concieve. Hopefully it still works for us Al these years later :) I'm only 26, so it should. Wish me luck and the same to you ladies!!

Im 15 dpo and now 1 day late. Im regular 28 days. We have been trying for 4 1/2 yrs, Im early 40's - been through years of fertility treatment, alot of money and so many disppointments.

I have nnot had a yeast infection for 25 years and 11 dpo I got a yeast infection. I just dont have the heart to takea test and be broken hearted again. Could the yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy?

Congratulations , I'm so happy even following all hope still, I'm 16dpo , have felt like if was pregnant for the last two weeks since the baby dance and next day opk was positive .
I got bfn every day since dpo 5 . As with my second pregnancy I got BFP 6 days after baby dance . I've been so hopeful analysing everything and I have had bloating excessive wind , tender engorged breasts that go up and down cervical positionm up and down . Cm now dry but I got 2x plugs in the last week . Wierd. I feel like I'm going crazy . I wish you all the best I will write again if my period comes tomorrow . But I am praying and hoping for a miracle . May the universe send you the sparks of life. Big hug ladies

Yes for my last two pregnancy a a yeast infection was the first sign caused by hormone changes good luck .

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