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ok, its after lunch here and I just got a dark official BFP! I wanted to post my story as I know how I have researched and read others I just wanted my story to be out there. I stopped my birth control in Feb. mid cycle so I knew my hormones were gonna be so out of wack that I wouldn't be able to confirm my O day or LMP. SO I stopped Feb 18, 2017 I had withdrawl bleeding very light the 20th - 24th. We started actively trying every day to every other day. I noticed 2 weeks after stopping my pills that I was starting to feel signs of ovulation (if you are in tune with you body you will know breast tenderness, heightened smell, increased cm and sex drive) during this week we didn't bd everyday just every 3rd. I felt a huge cramp worst ever I have never experienced one like it ever not sure if this was ovulation maybe due to being on birthcontrol it was more painful. I did a opk and got a positive on March 15, 2017. We had bd and it was amazing on Monday the 13th I felt left sided pain on the 14th. I started with tender breast on Friday the 17th had a mild headache. Over that weekend I woke up stuffy just in the am it would go away afterward. Week of the 20th through the 24th I had mild cramping and mild nausea. I took a clear blue on wed. with was 7dpo and there was a faint line but I was in denial on Saturday nite I took another and again lite pos. This am I took a test and it was BFN so I went to Walgreens during lunch bought the FRER and I got a BFP darkest line ever. Pregnant first cycle off BC and I am so happy and praying that its a sticky one did I mention BD has a low sperm count! Now my question is my formal LMP was 1/3/17 however do I need to count my withdrawl bleed as my LMP now??

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