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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP first IVF

DH and I had been trying to conceive for 3+ years. I have endo, slight pcos, and a blocked tube. We tried three rounds of clomid, didn't work. I've had two lapraoscopies, and did 6 months of lupron depot shot. Hated the shot but it worked wonders on pain from endo. Anyways, fertility doc desided to go straight to IVF since I've never been pg or known if I was pg. DH is completely normal, even above average. So we did ivf at fertility doctor suggestion. We did a 5 day transfer. I had absolutely no symptoms! !!! Just tired, but i think that was more from healing from 30 egg retrival. 1-3dp5dt - nothing just tired. Tested 3dpt BFN 4dp5dt - starting to get super exhausted going to bed at 9pm. Waking up at 730. 5dp5dt - I got a strong BFP!!! Just tired exhausted. Kept testing because I love seeing my BFP Found out 28dpt that I'm pg with twins! Super excited! !!


in this life you leave to remember some helpers , as for me i will forever remember and be grateful to ashra spell temple,( i have been married for more than 13years with no child, i have done all that is needed to be done ,visited hospitals and fertility clinic and so many other herbalist, but no result , until i was told by a good Samaritan of ashra of spell temple . i tried and i ashra told me to do a cleanse and pregnancy spell that i will have to buy the items that will be used to do the spell, i though it was scam and so i refuse to send any money or buy the items that i was ask to buy here, and when my ivf failed me , i almost committed suicide ,because there was nothing i was leaving for , then i just said let me give ashra a try after all i was down and i didnt have any other hope , i did buy the items and a cleanse and pregnancy spell was done , to my greatest surprise , i didnt even notice i was pregnant until i was feeling dizzy and went for check up , lol am 18weeks pregnant and the doctor said am doing fine , my advice to others is never give up until you have contacted ashra and ashra is legit and a leaving witness , i will leave ashra spell temple contact address fpr any one to verify and also get help mobile no:+2348058176311 name:ashra spell temple regards yvonne

Congratulations! I am in the same endo/pcos boat. IVF is beginning to seem like the only option we have left. The risk and cost of IVF is so daunting. How did you guys do it? The IUIs I've done have emptied my savings for the time being :-(

Congratulations to you!! Ps: lately so many spams in comments

I am on my first Ivf cycle 8 eggs revived and 6 fertilized 4 embryo transplanted and 2 embryo frozen. now 2ww and very much nervous. I hope everything works out well. ttc since 7 yrs. I hv even done laproscopy .

I was barren for 11years after marriage and my husband was getting out of patient....he was planning to get another wife...I was getting tired of life...have tried so many means just to get a baby for him but to no avail....I even tried several spell caster but no good result came out....until I ment a testimony like this on the net about how dr Ronaldo broke the york of barrenness from a fellow woman's life... So i contacted dr Ronaldo through his email and told him the pains I was going through and he told me to worry no more that my testimony will come in nine months time... He told me what to do and after doing all his wishes, I truly got pregnant... The sweetest part of it all now is that am carrying my baby boy now with joy and peace....big thanks to dr Ronaldo.... You can also contact him or better still call him on....+2348110038610... All your problems will be solve....

ATTN!!! I'm very happy to inform ya all that all hope isn't lost at all. this message is to the BARREN WOMEN, IMPOTENT MEN, and any one in-need of the fruit of the WOMB. My NAME is Sarah Nolan from the STATES. I was Married for about 18 years and was unable to conceive. i have done series of Test and the Result was that i wont be able to bear any CHILD because i was BARREN. I cried and cried because my Husband threatened to get married to someone else. I shared my marriage story with my parent in France and they told me about a spell caster that help auntie MISSIE cast a pregnancy spell when she needed a male child. i contacted the spell caster and told him about my BARRENNESS. Just within 2 days, He prepared a Cleansing spell rival and sent it to me which i applied and felt a big changes in my body. 2 months later, i was pregnant and i gave birth just 1 week ago. am not yet strong but i wish to inform you all about him. if you need his help you can email him on or or or call him now o +2348182735026 WARMS REAGRDS`

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