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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP first month actively trying

Hello! We weren't trying before but we also weren't avoiding (we always used Trojan lubricants though). This month was the first month I used ovulation tests to start "trying".
And I guess it worked because we got pregnant! I conceived on the 19th of January.
Also, we used coconut oil as our lubricant lol. Nothing else. It was all we had at the time that was safe. Never tried pre-seed.

1 DPO - Eggwhite CM

2 DPO - Nothing

3 DPO - Nothing

4 DPO - Nothing

5 DPO - Watery CM

6 DPO - Nothing

7 DPO - Skin like pieces in watery CM

8 DPO - Skin like pieces in watery CM

9 DPO - Negative pregnancy test, Skin like pieces in watery CM, Intense viivid dreams

10 DPO - Negative Pregnancy test, NO CM, Intense Vivid Dreams

11 DPO - NO CM, Negative test, Tender breasts, Headache in morning after vivid nightmares (lasted throughout the day), heartburn, tight muscles, gas

12 DPO - Very faint positive on internt cheapie! Emotional, hot flashes (I promise it was weird), Tender breasts

13 DPO - Faint positive on cheapie! Light cramps at bedtime, fatigue, headaches, tender breasts, heartburn, FREEZING COLD

14 DPO - Faint positive on cheapie! Tender breasts getting more tender everyday, cold ALL the time other than when I have hot flashes

15 DPO - DARK Positive on CB Plus and "Pregnant" CB Digital, tender breasts (Faint positive on cheapie still), tender breasts, cold all day

16 DPO - Just really tired and feeling mild cramps, tender breasts, cold, gas pains,

17 DPO - Really tired with cramps here and there throughout the day, tender breasts, cold, gas pains, Got a nasty coldsore

18 DPO - Tired with cramps and tender breasts, cold, gas pains

19 DPO - Tired with light cramps again (usually after emptying my bladder), NEVER HAD IMPLANTATION SPOTTING. (Cheapie finally got darker) Acne for the past 3 days, painful gas pains

I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant if you go by the day of my last period.

My symptoms were never severe and I didn't think too much about it, it's just what I was really feeling.
Also, although I'm so happy we got pregnant, I get these random depression mood swings which sucks lol. But I know my hormones are going insane. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU, BABY DUST FOR EVERYONE! Love you and God Bless!


Congrats ❤ Hope you have a H&H 9 months x




Thank you! :)

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