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BFP First Month of Trying!!

Hey ladies! My name is Amanda and I am so excited to finally share my story as I have been stocking this website & going crazy! This is technically our first month trying, and I say that because me and my husband and I decided to start trying on my last cycle so that was the month of June, but when we decided I was already on the 14th day of my cycle, and we were still trying, but in was a fail obviously.

Information hopefully this will help you guys!
AF: July 10- July 15
*We BD'D EVERY OTHER DAY starting from the day I finished my period which was on the 15th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 25th
Expected AF: AUGUST 5TH

And we have no children, we are trying for our first!
Here it goes, I don’t know when I actually ovulated but I am assuming it was on the 23rd due to the high Fertile CM (EGG WHITES) & left ovary cramping

1 DPO: Had dream about me having a baby, and it was a girl.
2 DPO: EWCM, had another dream about having a baby, who knows it could be because I want one so bad and I keep thinking about it?
3 DPO: Frequent urination, maybe because of drinking a coffee in the AM? who knows.
4 DPO: wet like CM, but with it was a slippery, stretchy CM mixed with light blood... weird.. Boobs started to get sore behind and around my nipples, I started noticing a mothers line from my belly button down to my vagina.. sorry TMI. BUT THAT WAS FREAKY FOR ME...also, vaginal wall cramps.. that was so odd for me, I knew there was something up at this point! extreme fatigue, pulling and tugging on the left side of uterus, and feeling noxious right before bed.
5 DPO: Boobs feel slightly heavy and sore again behind nipples.
6 DPO: Boobs not sore anymore.. really weird
7 DPO: Stabbing pains in right boob
8 DPO: Couldn't resist, had to test.. and... BFN! didn't get discouraged, I knew it was way too early.. boobs started to get sore and swollen at night, especially when I took off my bra.. OUCH I felt light it weighed a ton!
9DPO: Boobs not sore anymore.. like what is going on? very fatigue but don't know if that's because of the activities I did today (swimming)..I passed out in the middle of the day.. very strange for me!
10 DPO: Boobs really sore right before showering, at night.
11DPO: Sore boobs, I feel like something is trying to shove itself into the left side of my uterus, feeling shock like cramping and pokes, a little bit of Heartburn at night, lower abdominal pains, boobs not a sore as yesterday, Insomnia - I CANT SLEEP, kept waking up every 2 hours, boobs itchy, frequent urination at night!
12DPO: Abdominal pains and feeling like my uterus is so sensitive, its a little swollen and a stretchy sensation when I breath and cramping when I breath as well...stabbing pains in left side of uterus,
13 DPO: AF DIDNT SHOW UP, AND I DONT FEEL LIKE ITS COMING EITHER, usually I have period cramps 2-3 days before my period..
14 DPO: Constipated and...... I tested with a digital first response 4 days sooner.. and BFPPPP!!!!! the best part is, the nest day (which is today is my husband’s birthday!) so I got to tell him today in the sweetest way possible!

So we are ecstatic! I hope our little one sticks! and lots of Baby dust to all those who are TTC! I hope this helped.. XOXO!


Last AF Jan 13th.
Love - 22-27th [TMI]
O'd Jan 27th.

1-6DPO - cramps here and there. Moody as can be. So grumpy.
7DPO - So tired all day. Slept 14hrs. Dull cramps at night.
8DPO - Not tired. Very alive. Bbs bigger but not sore at all. Gassy. Lots of gurgling in stomach.

Should I be expecting a BFP?

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