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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfp i never thought itd come.

Hi everyone. I finally got my bfp . I kept checking my cervix and it stayed high and breast have been super sore and ive been craving pizza. I took test on day of exspected period said negative. I didnt test positive until 4 days late. *today* i used a digital test with weeks estimator. Only symptoms i have is sore breast and got a head cold which i got with my previous 2 children . Whom are 6 and 8 years old. This is my last baby . Baby dust to all any questions feel free to ask
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Congrats! U said u checked ur cervix and I have read all about this technique and I have checked mine a handful of times. I definitely don't think im doing it correctly because im soo confused.  When ppl say it is hard and closed or soft does that mean the area surrounding the cervix opening? Like u touch the opening(hole) of the cervix to determine firmness? I hope u understand what im trying to ask. 

Congrats on your BFP! i did want to jump in and say mostly for leanne that cervix position/firmness/softness is NOT an indicator of pregnancy. I have been pregnant twice, and both times mine was all over the place During the tww and didn't rise higher until a few weeks in. With my second it didn't rise up until almost 16 weeks. As far as the hardness, usually if the opening around the hole is hard the rest of it is hard. Same goes for softness, if  opening is soft the rest of it is soft. also once you give birth, the opening will change And become more like a slit shape, and will always have an open feeling (not totally open like when you o, but just a smidge). Sorry I know that's all confusing but hope it makes sense! I really would only rely on your cervix for ovulation as opposed to pregnancy!

Ur explanation was absolutely 100% helpful! Thank u sooo much for answering me. I have 4 kids and my cervix opening is definitely a slit and definitely always feels partly open which confuses me. I don't check my cervix much necause i use opks but there was 1 time during ovulation where i checked and my cervix was definitely open. I guess the feeling of it....hard/soft is what confuses me. Mine feels the same all the time. 

YAY!!!! Congrats!!

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