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BFP - Irregular cycles

I've always had irregular cycles throughout my life since I've started my period. Previously I've had cycles that are about 50+ days long. However from end of 2015 to September 2016 I've had 33-37 days cycle which was amazing for me because they're somewhat consistent. From September to December 2016 I never got my period & after many pregnancy tests it was always negative. I saw my GP who suspected that I had PCOS as I have irregular cycles & now they've stopped. I was absolutely devasted as my partner & I were going to start trying for a baby come 2017. I was blood tested and had a ultrasound and was NOT diagnosed with PCOS. As a result of this they just told me I had 'longer' cycles that anyone else & therefore may take longer to conceive (this was in March 2017 when I was given the results of my ultrasound that I had in Feb). However I did get my period in January 2017.

So my cycles since they started were 40 & 49 days long. This is my third cycle that we conceive and my last period was 4th April 2017. I'm unsure as to when I ovulated as I said to myself that I would buy ovulation tests if we didn't fall pregnant this cycle. I also said to myself that I wouldn't obsess over every symptom I was in my last cycle. I did 'relax' a bit I guess.

I don't live with my other half and only see each other on weekends so we only have the chance to fall pregnant really slim every cycle!

So I presume I did ovulate between 28th April - 30th April if I had 40 day cycle:
28th April: Intercourse
29th April: 1DPO - mild cramping throughout the day. Slight nipple soreness
2 DPO (went out for my friends birthday)- Mild cramping/stomach ache throughout the day. Mild Lower back ache throughout the day. Creamy/sticky but not stretchy cervical discharge on underwear & Sensitive nipple
3 DPO - Creamy/pasty discharge on underwear. Sensitive nipples especially when showering. Mild cramping. Feels like boobs are a bit full
4 DPO - Watery, white & slightly stretchy but breaking cervical mucus on underwear in the morning. Doughy/pasty cervical mucus on underwear. Stretching feeling in the lower abdomen/lower back dull ache. Cramping in the morning. Sore nipples/achy breasts especially when rubbed against/walking - Erect nipples & swollen breasts. Woke up early & couldn't get back to sleep (5:30ish). Horny in the morning. Reflux
5 DPO - Stretchy like egg white cervical mucus when checking (Morning). Creamy cervical discharge on underwear & creamy/tacky cervical discharge when checking (Evening). Horny in the morning: Nipple soreness on and off throughout the day. Not as intense as yesterday - Erect nipples. Side boob/near armpit mild soreness. Swollen breasts. Reflux. Thought I was out as I saw EWCM in the morning.
6 DPO - Nipple/breast soreness on and off throughout the day & around the side. Swollen breasts - erect nipples. Headache around 3pm-ish. Reflux
7 DPO Intercourse - Some sore nipples/breast throughout the day - erect nipples. Swollen breasts. Feeling a little nauseous at random times of the day - Reflux. Little crampy at the end of the day. Bloated.
8 DPO - Crampy in the morning. Swollen breasts & extremely mild soreness - erect nipples. Cloudy springy & sticky cervical mucus during afternoon. Thirsty. Tired fell asleep around 9pm (unusual for me!). Reflux.
9 DPO (Intercourse) - Creamy/lotion-y & watery cervical mucus. Little crampy throughout the day
Heavy breasts during afternoon & swollen breasts all day. Itchy breasts - erect nipples. Breakout on the forehead and chin. Bloated. Need toilet a lot. Thirsty. Reflux
10 DPO - Mild cramps. Tingly breasts - erect nipples. Yellow stretchy cervical mucus (like egg white) in the morning after bowel movement. Yellow creamy/tacky ball of cervical mucus on underwear. Reflux. Achy lower body. Lower leg cramp at 3am
11 DPO (Bought pregnancy tests but didn't test till later as heartburn after lunch which I never get heartburn) I suspect implantation happened this day as I was uncomfortably bloated this day - Cramping in the morning - slight lower back ache. Tingly breasts - erect nipples. Creamy cervical discharge on underwear. Gassy in the evening. Achy body. Left side twingy/crampy. Bloated. Hungry at 11pm. Acid reflux/heartburn after lunch
12 DPO - Tender right breast in the morning - erect nipples. White creamy/watery cervical discharge on underwear. Lower left side near pelvic twingy during the day on and off. No BM
13 DPO - Creamy/watery that might be a little yellow on underwear & wiping. Some breast tenderness/nipple soreness. Little crampy on and off during the day. Cramping in the evening like aching cramps: After shower noticeable white flakey tip of nipple for both - erect nipples. Little bloated all day. Little heartburn after lunch
14 DPO Intercourse - Nipple soreness - erect nipples
Yellow tacky glue like cervical mucus on underwear. Dreamed that I told other half that I was 4 weeks pregnant.
15 DPO - Creamy/tacky cervical mucus on underwear. On and off sore breasts - waking up early mornings because of soreness last night - erect nipples. No BM
16 DPO Period due. - Slight nipple soreness - Erect nipples. Creamy cm on underwear. Right side near pelvis/hip pain after dinner.
17 DPO - Positive!! Watery clear cervical discharge on underwear in the morning. Pulling/crampy feeling on and off throughout the day

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your story sounds similar to mine and I was wondering if you could give me some insight!

first off, I have very irregular periods. I first got my period at 11 1/2 and then didn't get it again until I was 13.

aftet that it wasnt consistent at all. I would get it some months and not others. I was put on the pill at 17 to be regulated. the pill allowed me to get my period every month . I stopped taking the pill 2 years ago when I got married.

after I stopped, my periods became irregular again. My husband and I have been trying to conceive on and off for the past 6months.

this month feels so di then the rest! I am at 15dpo and have sore breasts, creamy/yellowish cm, freque urination, back pain, and I'm very tired. I tested two days ago and got a bfn.

af was "due " yesterday. Do you think I may be pregnant this month ?

thanks for your help!


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