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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Late Evening 12 DPO: Symptoms Before BFP thru 16 DPO

Hi all!
As cliche as it sounds, I am typing this because I spent much of my TWW on this site to help me & obsess over at the same time! Haha. So, here is another story for all of you who are doing the same, and I truly hope you are blessed soon with your BFP and a healthy pregnancy!

Okay, for starters, I didn't keep up with tons of stuff before this bc DH and I were not technically "trying" yet, but had begun talking about it in the next 1-2 months to start. We had one time where he just decided to be sloppy lol, and that's all it took! Looking back through everything, I was in the first day on my fertile days according to My Days app or maybe Fertility Friend (I downloaded it as well after we DTD). We DTD on a Tuesday. I felt sure I O'd three days later, Friday of that week. I had stronger cramps, etc to back it up. It was the only time during our fertile window we TDT. Knowing there was a chance it might just be our month, on a whim, Friday night I bought an OPK just to see. I was expecting it to be negative, but it was positive. It was not darker, but as dark as the control line. I was sort of confused, but I really believe that I was catching my surge on the way down. I tested the next morning, and evening, and they were negative. So, I may be off by a day or so on O day, not knowing for sure....

According to My Days, I was due AF the day I tested & got my BFP, but Fertility Friend said three days later, Sunday for AF. It was my first month using FF, so I went with MD as far as when I tested bc it has been tracking for the better part of a year now.

So, the good stuff....
Day 1-3 DPO- I noticed that the moderate cramps went away (though I still had mild ones), but I still had patches of what looked to be EWCM. By the 3rd day, it was stretchy, but had turned more yellow than clear.
3 DPO-Headaches started, and been on and off since that day, gassy, mild cramps
4 DPO-very low, intermittent cramps, headache, gassy
6 DPO-wet feeling, but pretty dry CM-which has been the case so far up until today -16 DPO, white in color when I wipe, but very scant, some cramps, but mild with some side stitches/sharp pains at times.
7 DPO-irritable, maybe peeing a little more during day, but not really noticeable, cramps
8-9 DPO-pretty uneventful, but some weird dreams
10 DPO- pretty moderate cramps-feels more like AF is coming, thinking I may be out this month....may have been implantation??
11 DPO- couple of light dizzy spells, cramps are more noticeable low down when I strain to pee
12 DPO-this is when it got real for me! I had lots of side stitches, backaches (mostly lower, but even some weird feeling in upper back), low cramps, and very sore legs from hips down, increased sense of smell, little irritable, headache on and off. AF was supposed to show according to MD app, and I just, on a very crazy spontaneous moment for me (I like to wait so I won't risk false negative), we tested in the evening-after lots of water consumption I might add, and BAM!!! BFP, both with FRER & digital! The next morning, I was hoping the line was darker than the night before, so I tested again, and it came up before the control line came up! God is good!
13 DPO-pretty uneventful-no cramps, just feeling a little tired
14-16 DPO headaches on and off, decreased appetite, only occasional cramp, but I am starting to have more of a "wet feeling" down there, but still not much CM. Slight aversion to some smells. But that is pretty much it so far.

I know it doesn't happen this way for all, and I feel very blessed! But, please don't count yourself out even if you only DTD one time during the window like us, or other details. It CAN happen. Also, remember, not everyone has the same symptoms! Here's a list of common things I did NOT have: implantation bleeding, sore breasts (& I still nurse DS), no color changes/breast changes, not a whole lot of frequent urination yet at night, not a whole lot of CM.

Praying for you all!!

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